The Venus factor:A short review

The Venus Factor is a diet plan specially designed for women, who want to attain a certain female physique that is socially endorsed as the best physique. This program was created by one John Barban, who has relied on the Golden Mean to come up with the best female measurements ratios. He even goes ahead to call the ratio the Venus Index. He has dedicated and tailored this guide in a way to help a lot of women to attain it.

John Barban claims that his program is more than a  weight loss program. This is because his program goes way further than just losing body mass. The program has been a hot seller in the market, and it has also received a lot of positive feedback and it has also been given a lot of credit. So we take a closer look to see if the program can live up to its claimed reputation.

Before we go further, it is worth mentioning that Venus Index is specifically designed for the female gender. In this program, John Barban deeply explores the psychological and physical differences and conditions that are experienced in both men and women. John goes ahead to claim that nutrition and exercise guide will work best when it comes to women. He takes this further by developing customized exercise routine for women with different height, age, and even body type.

The Venus Factor: Four components

The Venus factor system is comprised of four main components. One is the PDF manual which can be printed out or read in its soft copy. This PDF contains detailed information on the philosophy behind the program and also goes ahead to explain the required sequential steps that need to be followed during exercising and feeding.

The other component is the exercise plan. This is a 12-week program that is designed to be carried out at home or a gym. The plan also comes with a number of videos to illustrate more to the users on the recommended exercises they should be following. There is a virtual Nutritionist, which is basically a software that creates a nutrition plan based on the details you input about yourself.

The last component is an online forum. This is an online platform, where you can interact with other users of the program. You can ask expert questions that you have about the Venus Index, and also you can share your personal experience with the program. There is an added feature where users can create blogs or podcast of their persona experiences, in this way they meet people with the same thinking.

I don’t know about you, but most people tend to have little or no faith in most of the weight loss programs, this is mainly because most programs end up letting them down. This how most people are surprised to find out that the Venus Factor can really work. Most people believe that the program helps them override their metabolism. The plan also provides the much-needed will power to choose food that is healthy. Most people are saying the program holds their hand and leads the way.

Pros and Cons

According to a few reviews done, the Venus Factor is considered as a solid plan, which can be used by just any woman. There are a number of strengths and weakness that the program has. This program is so easy to follow. The fact that the exercises are explained using a video makes it easier to follow and understand. The customized meals in the plan are very delicious too.
Another added advantage of the plan is that it is not a must to have a gym membership or a home gym to be able to accomplish desired practice. The Venus Factor has easy exercises that can be completed at home, with no or minimal equipment required. So for this routine to take place, there is no extra investment that is needed.
The third stronghold of the Venus factor that is worth mentioning is the diet. It does not require hard calorie counting or very strict deprivation. The Venus Factor instead have more focus on eating clean, healthy foods and in reasonable proportions. This, in turn, makes the plan easy to follow and stick to. This leaves a woman in a state where she has to choose healthy food, even if they are not trying to lose weight.

The weakness that most people have found with this program is that it’s not the ideal plan for those women who just want to lose weight. This program is more for those who wants to acquire a certain female figure. To most women, this means that they have to lose some body fat and add some muscles to some specific area. There is also some idea to override the metabolism. These ideas given in the book are not backed up with scientific evidence, hence can be termed as biased.
The Venus Factor is a well-designed book that has helped a lot of women attain a sexy physique. It is a program that is recommended to every lady that wants to attain a certain figure and also adopt and maintain a healthy lifestyle. The ultimate goal of the plan is very advanced, but the author has made it very easy and understandable. The process is very straight forward to even beginners. If you really want to attain that model look you envy, this is the course for you.

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