11 Top CrossFit Workouts for Beginners

Crossfit workouts are intense, fun, and packed with value as long as the right “WOD” is chosen.WOD stands for Workout of the Day and is a wonderful option for beginners looking to get a feel for exercising.

This organized solution helps break down key movements, sets, and repetitions without wasting time. For those in a position to start looking at Crossfit workouts for beginners, it’s time to pinpoint the best options and why they are the right choice moving forward.

Crossfit Workouts for Beginners

Here’s a look at the top Crossfit workouts for beginners and how to do them properly.

1) Bodyweight WOD

CrossFit Workouts:ring rows
Ring Rows

Key Exercises:

* Burpees
* Air Squats
* Sit-Ups
* Pushups
* Ring Rows

In this Crossfit workout, the idea is to use one’s body weight and get the blood pumping as soon as possible. It will be broken down in a simple structured layout, with each exercise being completed 3 times for 10 repetitions. You will go down the list and make sure to complete the three sets before moving on to the next movement.

Please note the goal is to get the body to move and ensure it is done in a safe manner. You will have to have enough room to move around and be able to complete the exercises without slowing down or feeling hassled.

While doing this, it’s always important to go hard and put in as much effort as possible without overdoing things. This will help initiate muscle development and general strength gains. For those without access to rings, feel free to mix things up and include pull-ups to target the back.

2) The Running Sandwich

Crossfit workouts for beginners:Burpees

Key Exercises:

* Running
* Air Squats
* Sit-Ups
* Burpees
* Pushups

The breakdown is important to follow with the Running Sandwich, as you will be putting in a lot of effort along the way. In this case, you will be going on a quarter-mile run before dropping down to do forty air squats, thirty sit-ups, twenty burpees, and ten Pull-Ups before completing another quarter-mile run.

This is going to be an even split to make sure there’s a sense of progression, and you’re able to carry on with the workout from start to finish.

Continue keeping tabs on your heart rate and ensuring you have enough in the tank to complete the final run. Over time, your numbers are going to get better, and that’s what matters!

3) Burpee Box Jumps

Crossfit workouts for beginners:Kettlebell swings
Kettlebell Swings

Key Exercises:

* Burpee Box Jumps
* Kettlebell Swings

With this WOD, you will grab a simple box to jump on and complete burpee box jumps. This means you complete a standard burpee before jumping on and off the box back into another burpee.

You will do eight repetitions before completing an additional 16 kettlebell swings to finish the set. In this case, you are going to be setting a timer (8 minutes) and finish as many rounds as possible based on your fitness levels.

Put in as much effort as possible and continue to push forward to get the most out of this intense workout. Some of the adjustments you can make include the number of rounds completed in eight minutes, the height of the box, and the weight of the kettlebell. Each adjustment will increase the intensity and ratchet things up to a whole new level.

4) Jumps and Lunges

CrossFit Workouts for Beginners:Jump Rope
Jump Rope

Key Exercises:

* Lunges
* Jumps (Jump Rope)

While looking at getting the heart rate up and pushing the body to another level, this is a fun-filled WOD to put on the list of options. Beginners can take the time to complete this simple WOD, knowing it will challenge them from day one.

To finish the WOD, a person has to complete 5 rounds of 15 lunges (each leg) and 60 jumps using a jump rope. If you want to kick things up a notch, the lunges can be done using a barbell/dumbbell, while the jumps can be done without a jump rope. However, it is recommended to get the form right before anything else, as this will help with everything else.

Over time, you are more than welcome to make changes to the number of rounds being done and the weight that’s lifted during your lunges. This is the beauty of customizing Crossfit workouts for beginners.

5) Squats and Run

Best Crossfit workouts:Front Squats
Front Squats

Key Exercises:

* Front Squats
* Pull-Ups
* Presses
* Running

This WOD will be done over the course of three rounds, and your goal will be to get things done as soon as possible. To start, you will grab a barbell and complete twelve front squats (do this with a reasonable weight!) before moving on to ten pull-ups, eight presses, and a quarter-mile run.

Each “round” will be done once you have gone through each exercise with as little rest as possible. Make sure to challenge yourself by timing the rounds and taking a look at how you progress from day to day.

It can be a fun way to push yourself as a beginner because the gains will be impressive in those earlier sessions.

While moving through the rounds, do not be afraid to slow things down if the form starts to get shaky. The same applies to the amount of weight being lifted while doing the front squats.

6) Dumbbells and Jump Ropes

crossfit workouts:Weighted Lunge
Weighted Lunges

Key Exercises:

* Jumps (Jump Rope)
* Weighted Sit-Ups
* Weighted Lunges
* Dumbbell Thrusters

You will be doing this WOD with the goal of having it done within three minutes. You can do as many rounds as you like but make sure to never compromise on form and number of repetitions.

To do this WOD, you will be asked to start with a jump rope and complete 3 minutes of jumping followed by 3 minutes of sit-ups, 3 minutes of lunges, and 3 minutes of dumbbell thrusters.

A single round is going to be spread across 12 minutes, and with the right intensity, you will only be able to finish one.

While completing this round, you will want to use enough weight to make it challenging but reasonable. Remember, it might seem easy during the first minute, but the weight can become tiresome as you start to hit the 2-minute mark. It is always best to start with a lower weight to gauge how heavy you can lift, especially with the lunges and thrusters.

7) 10 For 10

:Crossfit workouts for beginners:Jump Box
Box Jumps

Key Exercises:

* Kettlebell Swings
* Box Jumps
* Ring Dips

This is a straightforward WOD as you will set up a timer for ten minutes and then go through each exercise. The goal is to complete as many rounds as possible within the ten-minute allotment.

Each round will comprise ten kettlebell swings, ten box jumps, and ten ring dips (or regular dips).

While doing this, you are going to have the opportunity to play around with the weights and find something that is in tune with what you are looking for. It will always get harder as you get into the back half of the ten-minute session, so keep this in mind while planning things out.

Beginners can often overestimate how much they can do based on their initial rounds, and that’s never going to play out as intended. Fatigue does set in, and you will not want to sacrifice form for the sake of it.

8) Pushups and Burpees in 5s

Crossfit workouts:Pushups

Key Exercises:

* Burpees
* Pushups

In this WOD, you are going to be doing five sets of 5 burpees, 5 pushups and running in place for 60 seconds. This is going to be one set, and then you will have to complete an additional four to get the workout done.

The real challenge of this workout is being able to time the setup and make sure it is done the right way. Many people will hop in and start to rush through the WOD without realizing how much effort it takes to get through the final 2-3 sets.

If you really want to kick things up a gear and push yourself, feel free to add in weighted burpees or weighted pushups, as this will truly intensify the experience.

9) Tabata Pushups and Lunges

Key Exercises:

* Pushups
* Lunges

Let’s begin by understanding what it means to do “Tabata” workouts. The idea is to have a varying degree of intensity during the workout. In essence, you will do 20 seconds of max effort and 10 seconds of rest.

In this case, you will be doing an eight-minute Tabata workout. Set the time for eight minutes and then start going through the movements. This means you will do 20 seconds of pushups, 10 seconds of rest, and then 20 seconds of lunges. Continue to do this until the timer runs out!

10) Squat Routine

Top Crossfit workouts for beginners:air squats
Air Squats

Key Exercises:

* Squats
* Burpees
* Sit-Ups
* Air Squats

To start, you will go to the squat rack and sit in the squat position with a barbell for two minutes. This is going to start to burn but that’s the intended purpose of the movement.

When the two minutes are up (make sure to set a timer!), you will move on to completing three rounds of 10 burpees, 10 sit-ups, and 10 air squats.

11) 21,15 and 9

Crossfit workouts:Deadlifts

Key Exercises:

* Deadlifts
* Burpees

This WOD is built around the simple premise of getting the body moving. Sometimes, it’s the simplicity of a Crossfit workout that entices you and that’s certainly the case with “21, 15, and 9.”

The layout is straightforward with this workout as you will start with 21 deadlifts (comfortable weight only!) and 21 burpees.

These will be done together, meaning they do not take extended breaks between them as this is one elongated set. Once you’re done with the 21 deadlifts and burpees, it’s okay to rest for 30 seconds before jumping into the next set (15 deadlifts and 15 burpees). You will do this until the final set is completed with 9 deadlifts and 9 burpees.

The charm of this workout is it burns calories, gets the blood flowing, and is going to pump those muscles in seconds. It’s one of the true well-rounded options for beginners.

These are the top CrossFit workouts for beginners and it’s best to include all of them throughout the week. Don’t be afraid to mix things up and continue to grow as an individual and physical specimen.

People often get lost in their ways and assume growth is impossible but these WODs are a great way to break out of the shackles. Stay patient and make sure to complete each movement with attention to detail meaning no broken form allowed!

By doing this, the results will pour in and lead to a resounding amount of development as time goes on.

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