8 Celebrity Workouts You Can Do Without Breaking The Bank

Want a booty like Kim Kardashian? Abs like Gwyneth Paltrow? Legs like Gisele Bundchen? Shoulders like Jennifer Aniston? Celebrities don’t achieve their bodies by just sitting around. They are held to tough standards of the red carpet and the harsh glare of a paparazzo lens, making their enviable physiques hard to fake. It’s important to remember that they have the same amount of hours in the day to achieve healthy, desirable bodies as those of us who aren’t famous.

Exercise is the great equalizer, and almost anyone can follow the same workouts that movie stars use to stay in tip-top shape.

Top Eight Celebrity Workouts


celebrity workout:aerobox

Aeroboxing is a celebrity workout hit with Victoria’s Secret models and movie stars alike. Eva Mendes and Doutzen Kroes have both taken the blend of shadow boxing, strength training, and jump rope classes.

Designed to impact on every muscle in the body the exercises torch calories, build endurance and speed, improve coordination and tone the body. Participants can flex their boxer like skills with choreographed sequences, push-ups, jump roping and squats without the risk of actually getting in the ring.

Barre Workout

celebrity workout:barre workout

If you want an elegant body reminiscent of Natalie Portman in Black Swan, then the barre workout is for you. Designed to create tall, lean frames with sinewy legs and an uplifted bum, Barre combines the best of Pilates, ballet, low-grade weight training and cardio workouts for a body overhaul.

The class is practiced with a ballet barre, where poses are held for more drawn out movements with an emphasis on small muscle groups, followed by blasts of cardio. Kelly Ripa, Zooey Deschanel, Madonna, Drew Barrymore and Karlie Kloss are all celebrities who are on pointe with barre. The workouts are offered at more than 30 outlets across the US at the cost of around $30 to achieve the graceful look of a ballerina.

Barry’s Bootcamp

The secret weapon used to achieve Kim Kardashian’s world-famous derrière, Barry’s Bootcamp, has been known to burn up to 1,000 calories in each one-hour session. It’s been so effective that it’s been called one of the best workouts in the world. Combining a pumped-up playlist with high energy, interval training using body bars, kettlebells, and resistance heavy elastic bands and a treadmill run, the exercises are designed to shock the body into their fat burning, lean muscle building potential.

Sandra Bullock, Jessica Biel, Katie Holmes and Bradley Cooper have all relied on Barry’s to get and stay fit. Running from $20 to $30 a session it’s one of the most economical options on the list.


Infamous for being one of the hardest workouts out there, CrossFit has been whipping celebrities into shape for years. Combining Olympic-style weightlifting, heart-pounding plyometric training, kettlebells and intense cardio CrossFit is focused on achieving maximum results in a short space of time.

Jessica Alba, Jason Statham, Cameron Diaz, Channing Tatum, and Brad Pitt have all reported used CrossFit to get ripped and ready for major film roles. The workout is held at CrossFit boxes across the country, many offering drop-in sessions and rates. Monthly memberships can range from a couple of hundred dollars depending on class frequency.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) workouts keep your body shredding fat and calories for hours on end, even once the routine is over. Designed to jolt muscles into submission with short, sharp bursts of weighted activity separated by small periods of inactivity, that rev up your metabolism afterward. It also stimulates lean muscle growth for a tight, athletic body.

Celebrity workout fans of HIIT include Giuliana Rancic, David Beckham who rely on it to deliver powerful results in a short time span. Gyms across the US offer regular HIIT classes built into membership costs.


celebrity workout:piloxing

Vanessa Hudgens, Hilary Duff, Ashley Tisdale and Kirsten Dunst have all bought into the Piloxing celebrity workout trend.

A wicked combination of pilates and boxing, piloting is a core based workout designed to burn up to 900 calories a session, while liquidizing fat, toning muscle and building flexibility. Sharp, powerful boxing movements build strength and power while pilates stretches the body into a long, lean shape.

Classes are amongst the most affordable on this list, starting at around $10 a session.

Soul Cycle

This extreme cycling workout is all the rage with celebrities like David Beckham, Selena Gomez, and Oprah. Lady Gaga is reported so obsessed with Soul Cycle that she even owns her own bike. Now, there is something in this workout that makes it win the favor of some of the notable names in the musical and soccer world.

This high-intensity routine is prized for its mix of fierce pedaling action combined with powerful upper body toning for a calorie burning cardio workout. A majorly upbeat, bass-heavy soundtrack played by motivational instructors gets participants going to achieve strong quads, defined shoulders, and a solid core.

Classes are held in SoulCycle locations across the United States. At a price of around $30 per session its one of the more expensive exercise options, though the result can have you burning up to 700 calories in one class.

TRX Suspension Training

Celebrity workouts:TRX Suspension Training


Supermodel Gisele Bundchen swears by it for her lithe legs, Gwen Stefani relies upon it for her washboard abs and Jennifer Lopez does it for her pert bum. TRX Suspension Training is a total body workout targeted to achieve results in the most sought after areas.

Originally practiced by the Navy Seals, this celebrity workout depends on strength training with a strap and handle weight system to narrow in on muscle groups and enhance flexibility and balance. The combination of exercises is nearly endless in this workout, helping to balance out fatigue.

Kits can be purchased for at home practice for under $200, while many gyms offer TRX Training sessions for members.

Whether by spinning, boxing, pilates, ballet, weight training or the treadmill, celebrities rely on a consistent and powerful workout routine to whip themselves into camera-ready shape for films, photo shoots, and appearances. When coupled with a healthy diet, utilizing these exercise secrets can boost your routine to the next level.


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