5 Minutes of Fantastic Fat Burning

To burn fat fast  isn’t really an easy task to carry out not even to simply burn it.it’s a slow process.It takes time and most of all, patience.The Most people who are overweight often say that they will do anything to lose the weight. They’ll then go on to gripe and grumble about how all their efforts are in vain.

“I’m killing myself, but it’s just not WORKING!”… Or… “It’s my genes! My parents were fatties too! I’m doomed.”

Killing yourself? Really?… Highly unlikely. The soldiers in the army are struggling to make the Ranger course or the Navy SEALS selection are killing themselves. Most overweight people are just killing others with their incessant grumbling.

This is the hard truth that people often do not wish to accept. How badly do you want to lose weight? Do you want the weight to be gone tomorrow? Will you do whatever it takes? Excellent. The method below has your name written all over it.

Burn fat in five minutes

The key point is that this workout is only 5 minutes long. That is both good and bad.

The good point is that it is ONLY 5 minutes long. The bad point is that it will feel like an hour because you will really be “killing yourself”… in a good way of course.

Like, Einstein, said, ‘Time is relative.’

During these 5 minutes, you will go all out! That’s right. You have no time to think about anything other than panting and gasping for air while you execute the workout.

Choose a circuit that is easy to follow. Ideally, you should stick to bodyweight exercises so that you can transition from one exercise to another quickly and easily. You do not need heavy weights or any equipment.

An example workout will be like the one below.

1. Burpees – 1 minute
2. Jump squats – 1 minute
3. Mountain climbers – 1 minute
4. Plank with knees to elbows – 1 minute
5. Push-ups – 1 minute

That’s it. You’ll be done in 5 minutes. There are no breaks between exercises. You will get your rest once the 5 minutes are up.

After the workout, record down how many reps you achieved for each exercise. In your next workout, you should aim to exceed the reps you attained. You will need more speed and strength. Of course, you will gradually improve over time. What really matters is that you give it your best.

Always tell yourself that it’s only five minutes. Would you rather struggle during these 5 minutes and burn off the unsightly fat, or would you rather struggle with your weight forever?

There is a lot of sports theory behind this five-minute workout. There are concepts such as post-exercise oxygen consumption and lactic acid production, etc. While the concepts are informational and interesting, the crux of the matter is that theory is just that. It’s theory.

Theory never made anybody lose weight.

Only action achieves that. You should Google some of the best bodyweight exercises available. You may also look on YouTube and see how the exercises are done. Pick those that don’t seem complex or require any equipment. Time spent grabbing, and adjusting equipment is time wasted.

With only 5 minutes, you don’t have the luxury of wasting a second.

Structure several different workouts and do them on alternate days. On days when you’re not doing them, you may go for a walk or a swim. Stay active.

Give this method a try and you will be shocked at how well it will work for you. Besides just causing a situation in your body that makes it burn fat round the clock, this 5 minute protocol will also strengthen your lungs and heart, lower your blood pressure and reduce bad cholesterol levels, etc. A plethora of benefits awaits you… if you can endure the 5 minutes.

Do your best.


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