Three Things Most People Don't Know About The World Of Female Bodybuilding

Quick, what’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a female bodybuilder? If you thought of a roided out monster or a wannabe Instagram model, then you have no idea what this world is all about. It’s not your fault; most people don’t know what the world of female bodybuilding is really like. Read on, and you’ll get a quick introduction.

It’s Not All About Becoming An Instagram Model

Three Things Most People Don't Know About The World Of Female Bodybuilding

Most female bodybuilders in the public eye these days make their living by pushing protein powders on Instagram. These scantily clad women actually do hit the gym more often than not, but modeling is not the end goal for most female weightlifters. Most get into the sport because they want to improve their health or self-image. It’s a deeply personal journey, something that each woman takes very seriously and does for reasons that the public will never see. It can be hard to realize that when there isn’t a story published about it every week; but that is the reality: this is all about being the best woman you can be.

Female Bodybuilding Involves A Serious Amount Of Weight Being Thrown Around

Three Things Most People Don't Know About The World Of Female Bodybuilding

It’s kind of laughable to see how many people get surprised when a woman throws on 225+ on a squat rack or bench press and then lifts it for reps. There is still a large misconception surrounding women and the amount of weight that they’re able to lift. If you’ve held off because you don’t like the idea of lifting 5-pound dumbbells for the rest of your life, then worry not: your only limits are what you have in your mind. The human body, male or female, is capable of some pretty amazing things after all!

Drug Use Is Less Rampant Than You Would Think, And Is Frowned Upon

Three Things Most People Don't Know About The World Of Female Bodybuilding

It’s a popular opinion among the general population that all female bodybuilders must be juicing in some form or fashion. They’re used to the incorrect theory that women weren’t meant to work out; and that their muscles would not naturally go beyond the “toning” stage. This is couldn’t be more blatantly false. It’s just as possible for a woman to build muscle as a man, and they don’t need to use drugs to get there. In fact, the use of steroids or HGH is frowned upon in nearly all female bodybuilding circles, it’s a detriment to the movement.

There’s so much out there that the general populace doesn’t know about female weightlifting. It’s not about becoming a model or bulking up to win competitions. This lifestyle is all about achieving the healthiest body possible. Perhaps you’re thinking of getting into bodybuilding yourself. If so, there are a ton of great resources online that will get you started. You’ll also find a ton of people that are willing to do whatever it takes to help you out. Do a little more exploring today, and start your fitness journey off on the right foot!

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