High-calorie foods with healthy properties

People always tend to associate High-calorie foods to foods that don’t provide any health benefits.In an attempt to form healthy eating habits, many make the mistake of avoiding those foods that are very high in calories because, mistakenly, hypocaloric food is thought to be the key to healthy living.

 However, calories are important, but we must pay more attention to the quality of diet and nutrients that make up each food, and we can still find many high-calorie foods that we can use in our healthy diet.

High-calorie foods and healthy fats

One gram of fat contains 9 calories while every gram of protein or carbs has only 4 calories.So if you do the math, it might be wise to stay clear as much as you can from those high-calorie foods right? Well, not exactly.
Fats are used by the body to make hormones function properly and support the absorption of vitamins and minerals.Knowing the energy value of food represents the workhorse to keep one’s figure. Much of the population is obsessed with counting calories, whether or not they are overweight, and at the same time establish a link between the caloric content and the beneficial properties of the food itself. To understand the equation we propose the following example. Few calories equal healthy food; Many calories equate to unhealthy foods. Is this association of ideas always fulfilled?

It is important to remember that energy-dense foods are not always equivalent to a fatty or unhealthy food. For example, a food rich in polyunsaturated fats (e.g., nuts, soy) is not the same as a food rich in trans fats (e.g., processed products), and in both cases, the food will have many calories. Remember that a varied and balanced diet is equivalent with a healthy lifestyle.

High-Calorie Foods with health benefits

These are some high-calorie foods that you may consume and reap their health benefits.

1-Olive Oil

8 High-calorie foods with health benefits

Olive oil is a fundamental component of the Mediterranean diet, among its benefits, it stands out the control of cholesterol, thanks to oleic acid, present in its composition. In addition, it has antioxidants, useful to prevent aging, so its consumption is especially recommended.
An extra spoon each day does not add volume or provide excessive satiety, but it does add 110 healthy calories.


High-Calorie foods that are healthy

Let’s make one thing clear first: Avocado is not a vegetable but a fruit.It’s One of the most caloric-dense foods there is and is highly praised as a very nutritious option to meals.One simple serving of 100 grams can provide 160 calories packed with a vast array of vitamins, and minerals such as vitamin  E, C, B5, B6 .It also contains  Potassium, Folate  and some amounts of minerals including  Magnesium Copper, Iron, Zinc and Phosphorous .

3-Black Olives

top 8 High-calorie foods

With olives and their caloric content, there are several theories, and the truth is that the black olives have more fat than the green ones, the ripening process causes this.
A green olive has a caloric load of 132 calories per 100 grams, while the black one has 350 calories.

4-Dark Chocolate

8 High-calorie foods really healthy

Dark chocolate is one of the best sources of antioxidants out there and one of the most delicious foods.Contains 65% fat (from calories) and is especially rich in minerals such as  manganese, copper, iron, and magnesiumThere is nothing better than replacing milk chocolate with pure dark chocolate since milk has a negative influence on the antioxidant qualities of dark chocolate.


High-calorie foods

Nuts can contain about 600 calories per 100 grams of serving. However, they also contain other nutrients such as vitamin E or selenium – both potent antioxidants – fiber, plant proteins, and  omega-3 fatty acids . So incorporating hazelnuts, walnuts, almonds and other varieties will be a good fit for our health and wellbeing.

6-Peanut Butter

the best high-calorie foods

One of the many benefits of eating peanut butter is its significant amounts of fiber, about 8 percent.While peanut butter is a calorie-rich food(one tablespoon has 100), its high protein content can fit positively into the athlete’s diet, especially since it has several properties that can help maintain health while supporting the athlete in their daily training.


High-calorie foods with health benefits

This is America’s favorite substitute for rice, and it surely deserves that honor.A serving of 185 grams of quinoa (about one cup) contains 222 calories with 39 grams of carbohydrates and 4 grams of fat. It also contains a minimum amount of omega-3 fatty acids.




High-calorie foods that proved to be healthy

Oatmeal is one of the foods that give the greatest benefits to our body,2 tablespoons have a contribution of approximately 100 calories and is an excellent source of fiber and low in fat.

9-Red wine: 

9 high calorie foods for good health


Its caloric value is about 80 calories per 100 ml, so its consumption should not be excessive, as its contribution of empty calories from ethanol can favor weight gain. However, consuming a glass of red wine daily can be a valuable anti-aging remedy that further reduces the risk of heart disease.


The foods mentioned above are to some extent calorie dense foods and should be part of a healthy diet. A nutritious eating plan is imperative to a healthy life, but apart from this, you should also include a regular exercise routine to relieve stress and fatigue. So start a healthy, well-balanced diet and be active to stay fit and healthy.

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