How to break from sugar addiction

Moderate amounts of sugar are vital to the proper functioning of our bodies. Too much sugar, and you may run into some serious health issues. Sugar addiction is a serious issue and many people are struggling with the condition and have absolutely no idea that they have an addiction.

Eaten in moderation, sugar can offer your body energy. Too much, and you’re going to be struggling with obesity, and other negative effects such as cancer cell production and the depletion of your brain power. This can lead to a shorter lifespan.

Avoiding too much sugar is a delicate balance. You’ll have to learn how much is too much. To do this you’ll need to learn to read labels, stop adding extra sugar to your foods and to continue eating it only in moderation. Avoid high-calorie energy drinks that are laden with sugar. Avoid artificial sweeteners and candy as well as other foods that sugar is hidden in.

What’s Really Behind Sugar Addiction?

Obviously, an addiction to sugar starts when your body is craving more and more of the substance. When you eat the sugar your begin a series of events that produce natural opioids in the brain. It becomes a drug. You’re the addict. As these hormones are released help to relieve pain just as using illegal drugs gives a feeling of euphoria.

Per research, there are two receptors on the tongue that search for sweets. Our ancestors ate a fairly low-sugar diet. As years passed and more foods were introduced sweeter items were on the menu. Our bodies are still adapting to these sweeter menu items.

For this reason, when those receptors on the tongue are stimulated, the brain begins to send out reward signals. It’s much like a drug addiction. The  endorphins  are released as the sugar is ingested. It’s very easy to “overdose” on the sugar without realizing it. This is where the trouble starts.

The body, in an effort to compensate for the overindulgence, begins to send out more and more endorphins. The body begins to have more energy than it should and then the sugar leaves the system and there is a huge crash. The “drug” has left the body and now the body is lethargic.

As this cycle is repeated, the person is going to have to eat more and more sugar to get the same result. If the person stops eating sugar, they’re going to go into withdrawals and feel anxious and nervous. The body is rapidly building up a tolerance to sugar.

Another serious contender in the cycle of sugar addiction is  leptin . Leptin is a hormone that tells the brain how to store energy and how much energy to store fat. It will target those receptors in the tongue and work on food cravings.

When leptin levels are low, there is more likelihood of a craving. The cravings will change and grow and grow until the body absolutely has to have its drug of choice, in this case, sugar.

Harmful Effects Of Sugar On The Body

sugar addiction

An excess of sugar can cause detrimental effects on the body. There is a myriad of ways that sugar can cause serious health issues. There are four basic categories of how sugar affects the body.

.Increased Risk Of Illness And Disease

When people eat too much sugar, there is an increased risk of illness and disease. The body can’t handle all of the surges of sugar.

Too much sugar can affect how the pancreas works and cause various ailments including diabetes. Many of the effects aren’t reversible and can cause lifelong consequences.

.Upsets The Nutrient Balance And Causes Deficiencies

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These deficiencies can cause behavioral changes, upset the mineral balance in the body, cause a chromium deficiency and interfere with the absorption of important nutrients in the body.

The body may also respond by increasing the total cholesterol count as well as the  triglycerides  and the bad levels of cholesterol. It can lower the levels of  Vitamin E  and convert the sugar into fat.

.Behavioral Changes

This can turn into an addiction similar to that of drugs or alcohol. The person rapidly loses the ability to refuse sugar. The body begins to thrive on adrenaline and hyperactivity which in turn can cause anxiety.

Soon, everything is affected by concentration to sleep patterns. Without the sugar, the person becomes irritable and cranky. They are less social and gaining weight and soon, depression sets in.

.Body Impairments

Soon the person is thriving on sugar (or so it seems) and struggling to eat a healthy balanced diet. The immune system is now affected and the person is likely falling ill to every germ or virus that passes by them.

They are becoming obese, losing the elasticity of their skin and their eyesight is beginning to be affected. The body is aging rapidly and prematurely. The kidney’s, pancreas and the liver are all affected by this point.

How To Break Sugar Addiction

what you should know about sugar addiction

If you’re addicted to sugar, you’ll want to break this addiction before it’s too late. You’ll want to find an alternative means to find your sweets. Start by learning new methods to reduce the stress that doesn’t involve eating sugary foods.

Focus on healthier lifestyle techniques and get plenty of exercise, rest and focus on eating a healthy diet each and every time you sit down for a meal. Plan menus ahead and cleanse the house of any and all sugared foods.

Avoid foods that are high in  high-fructose corn syrup  and focus on foods that are lower on the sugar levels.

Drink plenty of water and avoid energy drinks that are heavily laced with sugar. When you crave sugar go for a walk (not to the candy store) and drink more water.

In time, the addiction will pass. It’s going to take persistence and perseverance just like any other addiction. You’ll have to break the habit and replace it with new and healthier habits.

Make sure that you’re getting plenty of rest and balancing your Vitamin D levels (found in sunshine so take a walk on sunny days).

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