Mediterranean-Style Diet:An Excellent Choice for Women

There have been several studies conducted on the Mediterranean-Style Diet, and the research has proven that the diet is extremely beneficial to women.

Lead researcher, Cecilia Samieri said, “Women with healthier dietary patterns at midlife were 40 percent more likely to survive to age 70 or over.” That is proof that a diet does affect your longevity. But you already knew that.

Mediterranean-Style Diet benefits for women

What you want to know is why the Mediterranean diet is probably the best choice. Firstly and most importantly, the Mediterranean diet is low in saturated fats and unhealthy sugars. This is the main problem with the current diet that most women are on these days.

Foods that are processed, high in saturated fats, low in nutrition, high in sugar, and all kinds of other detrimental additives. These unhealthy foods wreak havoc on a women’s skin and body. She ages faster, and her body becomes less supple and active.

The Mediterranean diet comprises fruit, fish, legumes, nuts, vegetables, and red wine. It is high in monounsaturated fats due to the use of extra virgin olive oil which is extremely beneficial to the body.

Many women who struggle to lose weight often reduce their food intake and exercise often. While this is a good practice, reducing the intake of poor food choices is still not as beneficial as being on a healthy diet and eating in moderation.

You could eat junk food in moderation and stay slim but wouldn’t it be better to eat healthy foods such as salmon drizzled with olive oil, Greek yogurt, stir-fried broccoli, etc.?

Of course, it would. That’s what makes the Mediterranean diet so fantastic. It is actually delicious, healthy, and beneficial. No need to force steamed chicken breasts and awful protein shakes down your throat.

You could derive the same benefits by adopting a Mediterranean-style diet. Calcium-rich foods such as kale, Brussel sprouts, and spinach will prevent the dreaded osteoporosis. Fruit and vegetables will ensure your body has adequate fiber.

Legumes and potatoes which are rich in potassium will prevent you from losing muscle easily and will also lower your blood pressure. The olive oil that is so frequently used will reduce your risk of heart disease. The healthy omega-3 fatty acids found in the fish that you eat will do wonders for your health.

Mediterranean-style diet

The modern day diet is too high in omega-6 fatty acids and too low in omega-3 fatty acids. The Mediterranean diet will reverse this awful trend.

Unlike the Atkins diet, the Paleo diet or cabbage soup diet, the Mediterranean diet is not too restrictive. You will find it a much easier diet to comply with. That means you will stay on the diet for much longer since you are not suffering and using willpower to stay on track.

Mediterranean diet and Pregnancy

The Mediterranean diet is considered today as the best nutritional option, especially for pregnant women for the effects on the baby’s future. One study suggests that pregnant women who eat a diet rich in olive oil, fruits, vegetables, and fish, can give their unborn children better health.

The latest research carried out in Greece shows that children whose mothers followed a high-quality Mediterranean diet during pregnancy were 50 percent less likely to suffer respiratory disorders such as wheezing and allergic skin problems.

The team behind the Greek study called on 468 women on the Spanish island of Menorca and tracked them during pregnancy, controlling their eating habits.

As a result, pregnant women who consumed a Mediterranean diet had a reduction in the panting of about 30 percent while allergic skin reactions were 50 percent lower.

Consumption of vegetables more than eight times a week, fish more than three times a week and legumes such as beans, more than once a week offered the best protection, researchers say.

The Mediterranean diet is a way of life. It’s how the people in the Mediterranean countries eat and research has shown that these people live longer and have fewer health issues.

You can’t go wrong with the Mediterranean diet as long as you eat in moderation. Get on board as soon as you can and enjoy the health benefits that come from being on a nutritious, well-balanced diet.

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