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Dieters and people that love taking shortcuts are not likely to consider the side effects of diet soda.If you think you’re making a better choice when you drink diet soda based on the fact that it has no calories, think wisely.Of course, sugary drinks are high in calories, and that contributes to weight gain.

It has also been documented that the consumption of sugary sodas raises levels of glucose, a precursor to diabetes. But what other harmful effects are linked to soda? Is diet soda a better option?

Side Effects Of Diet Soda


The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio presented a study at a recent meeting of the American  Diabetes Association. In a ten- year study, 474 people who drank diet soda, had an increase in their waist circumference of 70 percent more than those who consumed the regular version. Another finding was that those who drank more than two diet sodas a day their waistlines increased 500 percent more.

While research is inconclusive, recent data have shown an association between consuming diet soda regularly and expanded waistlines. No-Calorie drinks like soda artificially sweetened teas and juices may help reduce the total calories you eat a day, but still may not be as good as recommended.

2-Increased acidity levels

  The high level of acidity of these beverages,  actually does more damage, in the case of diet soda it has a pH value of 3.2 which is very acidic and can cause damage to both teeth and bones because of the  demineralization  that occurs and in turn causes fractures and even increases the risk of osteoporosis.

3-Insulin Resistance

 Continuously Drinking too much soda causes the body to produce insulin, affecting glucose levels in the body and eventually cause diabetes. Insulin resistance can cause major problems in the treatment of certain diseases.

4-Heart Attacks or Strokes

diet soda side effects

A   Nurses’ Health Study found that soda consumption had been linked to a higher rate of heart disease in women. The researchers cautioned that is not a wise solution to substitute soda with the diet version. Studies have shown that it also increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes: a study of 2,600 adults found that those who drank diet soda on a regular basis were 40% more likely to suffer a heart attack or stroke.

5-Metabolic Syndrome

The University of Minnesota conducted research in which about 10,000 adults participated. The conclusion from this study was that only one diet soda a day could rise by 34% the risk of metabolic syndrome. Abdominal obesity is one of the main risk factors for metabolic syndrome along with others that top the list such as:

  • High blood sugar levels in the morning( high fasting glucose )
  • Triglycerides
  • High blood pressure
  • Cholesterol


unwanted side effects of diet soda

Research conducted by The American Academy of Neurology studied the effects of diet sodas and other types of artificial sweeteners on depression. They concluded that the likelihood to suffer from depression in people who consumed soda over a period of ten years was 30 percent higher.

7-Cell Damage

Diet sodas contain chemical preservatives such as sodium  benzoate and potassium benzoate .These chemicals affect the mitochondrial DNA in the cells which become irreversibly damaged. Furthermore, these chemicals have been linked to cases of skin rashes, asthma and other allergic reactions of the skin and mucous membranes.

8-Kidney Damage

Something you probably did not know about diet soda is that it can bring kidney complications. Studies of Harvard University in more than 3,000 women, found that this drink doubles the risk of suffering from renal failure. The kidneys function began to be abnormal in women who consumed more than two diet sodas a day.

9-Food Cravings

 Some recent studies have suggested that artificial sweeteners in diet sodas might increase appetite and food cravings. There has been an established correlation between regular soda drinkers and obesity. There have also been reports that people tend to overeat on days that soda beverages are included. Scientists have theorized that this happens as a result of the body being unable to recognize the calories that come from liquid foods or beverages hence the increase in the calorie intake.


Cocktails made with diet soda can make you more easily prone to get drunk. This is because sugar levels make the liquor can quickly enter your bloodstream.

Ingredients in Diet soda

side effects of diet soda

There is a particular preference for diet soda in people with diabetes, who want to reduce sugar consumption and cut down on calories in an attempt to lose weight. Most dietary beverages are full of artificial sweeteners such as  Sucralose(Splenda), Acesulfame-K, and Aspartame

Artificial sweeteners may have zero calories, but it has been found that they are not a healthy alternative. Sucralose can cause a series of health problems. Some evidence suggests that this chemical can cause headaches, gastrointestinal problems and damage to the thymus gland. Made of a modified sugar molecule Sucralose is supposed that it passes through the body unabsorbed.
Some recent studies have concluded that the artificial sweetener aspartame is related to leukemia and lymphoma in men and women! Even consuming only a diet soda a day can pose a risk.

 Chemical Dyes

 The attractive candy-colored soda drinks are only possible through the use of chemical dyes highly hazardous to health, especially  methylimidazole 2 and 4 , known for their carcinogenic activities.
There are also yellow dyes, or  E120 and E102  recognized for producing allergies and for use in animal experimentation.

Artificially Sweetened Soda is your worst enemy. It does not do any good to your waist, not good for your teeth. And it can wreak havoc on your skin, your hormones, and raise sugar levels in the blood.

Now that you understand  the side effects of diet soda better, you can make the right decision and start changing your eating habits and always remember:


Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do

Bruce Lee

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