10 Total Body Toning Exercises for Women

Ladies know that body trouble spots can be difficult to get rid of. Those areas can definitely be toned, but they will take a little more attention to work out and define. Did you know that a lot of women are afraid to work out too much? They fear to develop big muscles. Well with these amazing body toning exercises you will tone and define your entire body while maintaining a feminine, trim physique.

Toning exercises can help women to maintain a degree of “muscle hardness” even at rest, ie, it refers to prevent sagging muscles when their daily routines do not require them a minimum of physical activity.You’ll learn 10 total body toning exercises for women. These defining workout moves will tone your entire body and have you sliding into your favorite little black dress in no time!

Read on to learn these awesome workout moves:

Body Toning Exercises


Ok, so there are many, many yoga moves but we grouped them into one category because yoga in itself is so amazing for your body and super toning. Yoga is great because it’s low impact exercise and it uses many different postures to tone, strengthen muscles, and promote balance.

Here are some moves you can try out:

· Downward dog

· Mountain pose

· Warrior

· Bridge pose

· Triangle pose

· Seated twist

· Cobra

Yoga uses your own body weight as resistance and it’s beneficial for offsetting diseases like osteoporosis and other joint disorders. It also uses methods like breath control, meditation, and relaxation to promote balance and well-being. It’s a most-loved way of life and a muscle toning workout to help define your body.



10 Total Body Toning Exercises for Women 1

Doing kettlebells is an excellent form of exercise. The simple act of swinging works out your entire body. Here are some easy moves for beginners:

· Kettlebell Goblet Squat
· Slingshot
· Double-handed swing

You wouldn’t think you would get a total body workout but just 20 minutes of a kettlebell workout burns a whopping 400 calories according to Shape Magazine.


Jogging is a great cardiovascular exercise that has many benefits including:
· Toning and strengthening stomach core muscles
· Disease-preventing
· Improves mood
· Good for your knees
· Good for joint health
· Promotes fat loss

When you are jogging, you are predominantly moving your arms and legs. Beyond that, you are actually working out your hamstrings, ankles and knees, hips, shoulders, and core. If you are new to jogging, some tips that will help include: being aware of your jogging form, practicing good breathing, and hydrating yourself well. Jogging is a full body workout and a great source of heart-healthy exercise.


the top toning exercises for women exposed

Lifting weights is a great way for women to tone. You can lift weights in a variety of different exercises to tone shoulders, arms, legs, back, core, and whole body. Here are some beginner-friendly weight-lifting exercises to try out:

· Weighted squats

· Bicep curls

· Tricep extensions

· Plank

· Push ups

· Sit ups


Cycling is grabbing your bicycle and going for a ride! This will be a workout-driven kind of ride and not a leisurely bike ride you might take for fun. When you cycle, you are toning your legs, abs, stomach, and butt. To get the most out of your cycling workout check out these tips:

· Make sure seat height suits you and is comfortable

· If you enjoy cycling but not comfortable riding outside, try a stationary bike at the gym or spinning class as an alternative

· Don’t be afraid to take on challenging landscapes like hills

· Start slow and build up speed gradually

· Wear a helmet

· Use your bike gears

· Wear comfortable workout attire

· Change position while riding (handlebars)

Cycling is a great gym alternative and really fun. The best exercise is when it doesn’t feel like you’re working out at all.

Push Ups

Toning exercises for women:push ups

Sometimes keeping it simple is best. Push-ups are an often-overlooked exercise for women. It’s a great form of exercise for toning arms. Push-ups work out your deltoids, triceps, abs, and pectorals. Push-ups use your own body weight for resistance and the best part is no gym or workout equipment is needed. All you need is yourself and you can do push-ups anywhere!


Planking involves getting in a push-up-like position holding your body up with forearms, elbows facing in. You hold this position for a period of time and it strengthens your core like crazy. When you feel the burning you know it’s working.

Like push-ups, doing planks uses your body as a force for core definition. No workout or exercise equipment needed.

Sit Ups

Doing sit-ups works out multiples muscles in your stomach including your oblique’s, rectus abdominis, and rectus femoris. It’s a great toning exercise for women.

Here’s how to do it: you lie on your back, knees bent, with feet flat on the floor. Place your fingers behind your ears with shoulder blades back and elbows out to the sides. Then, tighten your abs and raise your body up towards your knees. Lower back down to the floor. Repeat.

Fitness videos

toning exercises for women

A great source for total body workout is a workout video! There are thousands available and they are loved by many because you get the benefit of a full body workout in the comfort and privacy of your home.

Plus, they’re cost effective. Why deal with a year-long gym membership when you can pay a fraction of that price for a workout video and use it throughout the year and for years to come. There are even free fitness videos!

Pole Dancing

Pole dancing?Yes, pole dancing is exercise. It’s a fun exercise that is becoming more and more popular. Dancing on the pole works out your arms, shoulders, and legs. Climbing the pole, gripping with your calves, and spinning requires muscle use and is great for toning hamstrings, quads, forearms, biceps and strengthening your core. Classes are offered nationwide in most cities and gyms. Try out a class for a fun total body workout.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! 10 total body toning exercises for women:

These exercises offer a great variety, with the ability to do them at home, in the gym or a workout class. You will tone up your entire body in no time and achieve the flattering definition you were looking for!

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