bodyweight training

Bodyweight Training, as the word implies, is working out by only making use of the weight of your own body. The majority of bodyweight workouts simulate some of the workouts that you would usually do with heavy weights, such as dumbbells, barbells and weight machines.They do have their limitations in building muscle because of the fact that as you lose weight, and you get leaner your body becomes adapted to the point that you’ll need more weight to challenge your muscle fibers.

Benefits of Bodyweight Training

The hard truth – Any training can cause fat loss as long as your body is in caloric deficit.Bodyweight training can definitely help you to lose weight as long as your body is in a state of caloric deficit. What that basically means is that you consume fewer calories than you expend.In fact, bodyweight training was voted as the hottest exercise trend of 2015. There are a few reasons this could be so. Firstly, just about anybody from beginner to advanced can do bodyweight training. Even if you may struggle in the beginning, you will still be able to try and execute the moves to the best of your ability.

Unlike training methods such as Tabata or Crossfit that will absolutely wipe out someone who is just starting to train, bodyweight training is much easier and less risky. Beginners will be less prone to injury.Of course, it goes without saying that as you get more proficient with the different bodyweight exercises, you should increase the speed with which you execute the reps while maintaining good form. It will reach a point where it can be almost cardiovascular.

In fact, an entire Tabata workout can be comprised of bodyweight exercises. In 4 minutes, you will be able to cause a situation of excess post-exercise oxygen consumption where your body is in the fat burning state for up to 12 hours. All from just doing bodyweight exercises. Fantastic.

Secondly, bodyweight training does not require a gym membership or even equipment for that matter. Just some space at home to do your moves will be fine. You body’s weight is the resistance. That’s all you need and of course, a good pair of shoes.

There is also a wide selection of bodyweight exercises to work every muscle in your body. You will be busy for years just trying out every single bodyweight exercise out there. There are many excellent guides and DVDs dedicated to bodyweight exercises. Planks, push-ups, squats, burpees, jumping jacks, mountain climbers, sit-ups, etc. are all examples of bodyweight training.



While the term “bodyweight training” may have seen a jump in popularity recently, rest assured that it is one of the oldest methods of getting people in shape. In fact, just about every military unit in the world uses bodyweight training to shred the fat off their soldiers and get them fighting fit. If it works for the army, it works for anybody.

If you are a beginner, it is crucial that you learn how to execute the exercises with good form. In the beginning, it is fine to go slow. As you progress, you can speed things up. But in the beginning, developing good form will ensure that you avoid injuries and get the best out of each exercise.

If you can’t do a push-up, it’s normal to do one with your knees on the floor. As time goes by, and you get stronger, you can do a proper push-up. Don’t try and do moves that you are ill-prepared for.

Bodyweight training can be done daily or on a split. You will be best advised by getting a guide or DVD. Besides that, watch your calories and make sure that you are in a deficit of about 500 calories daily.

Combine the diet and training to become a fat burning machine. You will be unstoppable.


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