How to measure your bodyfat percentage

Body fat percentage is the portion of fat mass as opposed to lean body mass that is the fat-free mass. Vital fat and storage body fat are the primary constituents of fat mass whereas blood, organ tissue, bone, muscle, and everything else are the significant component of lean body mass. The body fat percentage is identified to have a clear perception of your body weight to that of your body size.

Knowing the best ways to lose body fat percentage is something lots of people would definitely enjoy achieving. Your body fat percentage is a variable that stays continuous over the course of your life. Yes, you can drop weight, fat, and contaminants. However, your body fat percentage is something that can not be changed.

There is a saying. “

If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re not going to get there.
”This adage will prove true as far as measuring your body fat is concerned. Most people when trying to lose weight, will weigh themselves on the bathroom scale and track the numbers on the scale to see if they’re making progress.If the numbers go down, they’re happy. If the numbers stay the same, they get depressed, lose motivation and give up. If the numbers go up, they break the scale.

The truth of the matter is that the numbers on the scale just do not matter. They are inaccurate at best and misleading at worst. If you start weight training and doing high-intensity workouts for the first two weeks, and you see that the numbers on the scale have not changed, it does not mean that nothing has changed.You may have lost 2 pounds of fat and gained 2 pounds of lean muscle. The loss of fat and gain in muscle has offset each other. On the scale, it looks like nothing happened. In reality, you have lost fat and gained muscle.

If you decide to starve yourself for two weeks and not exercise, your scale weight may drop by 4 pounds, and you’re elated. In reality, you may just have lost water weight and lean muscle mass. That means you’re dehydrated and weaker. Nothing to be happy about.The best way to see if you are losing fat will be to measure your body fat percentage every week or two weeks. That will be the best gauge of your fat loss progress.

How to track your body fat percentage

There are a few ways to track this.

  1. You may go to a qualified doctor or fitness trainer and get them to do it for you.
  2. Or you may get a body fat percentage monitor from Amazon and give it a try. These are the handheld gadgets that shoot an electrical charge through your body and measure the resistance.They work for some people and then there are others who say that the numbers these gadgets throw out are wildly inaccurate.
  3. The third method which is by far the most reliable method is the skinfold caliper method. You can purchase these skinfold calipers from Amazon or a fitness store.

Most fat is stored right below the skin. By measuring the thickness of your skin, you will be able to gauge your overall body fat percentage. Use the body fat caliper to pinch your skin and measure the thickness.Skin measurements should be taken from a few places such as the biceps, triceps and, of course, the waist and belly. Record down the measurements and use a body fat percentage chart to determine your body fat percentage. You may Google, “Bodyfat percentage chart” and there will be many results that will help you.

Ultimately, there is one point you should always bear in mind.The scale weight and body fat percentages are all numbers. Do not be obsessed with numbers unless you are going to be taking part in a bodybuilding contest and if that were the case, you wouldn’t need to read this.

Most average people just want to look good. Take a photo of yourself every three weeks or once a month. Does it look like you are losing weight? Is your body getting stronger and healthier?The mirror and photos don’t lie. Losing weight is an uphill task that takes considerable time. You will need to be patient and persistent. As the days, weeks and months progress, you will slowly but steadily shed all the fat and be a picture of health and radiance.

Look at your past photos and see how much you have progressed. Stay motivated and keep on keeping on.


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