common weight loss myths

With all of the different trends when it comes to weight loss, it can often times be hard to understand what are the facts and what are myths. To better understand what can really help you to lose weight, it is best that you know some of the most common weight loss myths, including:

The only way that you can lose weight is by going through a program for radical weight loss.

Myth – The best way to go about losing weight and maintaining it is by making smaller change-ups to your lifestyle and your diet, then keeping it going, moving forward. Being able to lose weight effectively is something that starts in the kitchen instead of the gym. The two really have to go hand in hand, meaning that you need to give your body the right foods to use as fuel so that you can workout properly when you do go to the gym, ride your bike, take a swim or get out for a good walk.

I cannot afford to buy healthy foods to lose weight.

Myth – There are a lot of people who feel as though they cannot afford to lose weight because all of the healthiest, freshest foods are so expensive. What you should know is that you can put together fresh, delicious meals without breaking the bank. It is all a matter of menu planning and then shopping accordingly. Fresh is always best, so look for a local farmer’s market to get great deals on produce.

common weight loss myths

Carbohydrates make you fat

Myth-Carbohydrates don’t make you fat.It’s the number of calories that contribute to weight gain.It’s all about whether you consume more calories than you burn, but there are different types of calories that affect the body differently.The consensus hasn’t been reached yet by the scientific community as to how food calories affect the body depending on the calorie source.The fact remains that regardless of the type of calorie you consume there still has to be a calorie deficit to burn fat and lose weight.

Despite the fact that trendy low-carb diets are highly popular, the truth is that only a balanced diet and regular exercise is the only most effective and proven permanent method for those who are overweight, obese or anyone willing to maintain a healthy lifestyle.Though low carb diets have been proven  to a certain extent to be beneficial,according to The  Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, formerly The American Dietetic Association “there is no magic bullet to safe and healthful weight loss.”

You can lose a lot of weight by starving yourself.

Myth – The truth of the matter is that your body will more than likely try to hold onto weight if you starve yourself and even if you do start to lose weight, this type of crash dieting can make it so that you will gain weight back even quicker with some additional pounds. Crash diets can often lead to a bit of a yo-yo scenario where your weight can go up and down over and over. You can be left feeling hungry, then binging on food items and gaining the weight back.

Stop snacking when you want to lose weight.

Myth – The trick is making sure that you are choosing the right foods to snack on. Stay away from processed foods that are high in fat, sodium and sugar. Instead, fresh fruits and vegetables make for a healthy snack alternative that will keep you feeling satisfied longer.

You have to drink plenty of water to lose weight faster.

Myth – Even though you need to drink a certain amount of water each day to remain hydrated and to help out the normal functions of the body, drinking water in excess will not make you lose weight quicker. However, reaching for a full glass of water instead of a snack filled with empty calories may be more helpful and stop cravings.

Of course, there are always going to be all sorts of rumors and myths when it comes to weight loss and it is important that you think first before falling into them. Stay healthy by eating right, getting plenty of sleep and doing exercises to burn off more calories each day for optimal results.

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