Alkaline Water: Drink Your Way to a Healthier Lifestyle

Water PH level changes as it merges with different chemicals and gases. Ionized water, or better known as alkaline water, is basically water whose pH level is above 7.Proponents of Alkaline water claim that consuming this water has a ton of influences to your body healthwise. Here, you will learn how to make ionized water, its prime health benefits as well as the main shortcomings associated with its consumption.

In everyday life, some factors can alter the ph of the body. Studies have shown that excessive consumption of certain foods can increase the level of acidity in the body. Excessive use of salt and refined sugar in the diet, processed foods and other factors such as stress are the main cause of this pH difference. Over the years the body loses its natural ability to control and regulate the acid-base balance, hence the fact that poor eating habits can increase metabolic acidosis.

One of the ways to avoid this scenario is the regular consumption of organic foods such as vegetables,nuts and fruits which will help you to alkalize your body better and protect against acidosis and consequently help you lose weight.

Alkaline Water Explained

The truth about alkaline water

There is great controversy over alkaline water. The reality is that there is still insufficient evidence to support the supposed benefits of this water.At first glance one wonders if it’s really helpful to alkalize the body?

The concept of alkaline water is as follows: tap water contains dissolved elements that can alter the pH level. The goal is to maintain a more alkaline balance in the body and this can only be achieved by drinking water with a pH above 7.

But this theory faces several problems.Each organ of the body has a unique pH level and the organism is in charge of maintaining this level in a suitable range.If there is an imbalance of pH, the first step to follow would be to determine the causes.Without a reliable diagnosis, it can not be confirmed that alkaline water is the solution.

However, some studies suggest that alkaline water can be beneficial, in one of them it was shown that alkaline water, having a pH of 8.8 helps in the deactivation of pepsin, an enzyme that causes acid reflux. Other studies suggest that it may be beneficial for the treatment of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes.

Proponents of alkaline water base their claims on the alternative medicine theory that the body needs to maintain strictly at a pH of 7.4 to keep optimum health and thus avoid diseases such as cancer.

According to the Spanish clinic of alternative medicine  Budwig Center, having a high acid level in the body can weaken any system. High levels of acid also known as  acidosis  can cause disorders such as anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoporosis, diarrhea and impaired immune function. On the other hand, the ability of our cells to heal and produce energy could be affected by acidosis and thus allow the development of cancer.

Benefits of Alkaline Water in Exercise.

The performance of physical activities and diet can change the pH balance.Because exercise causes muscles to produce more hydrogen ions than our body can eliminate, as a result fatigue increases.Mineral supplements such as calcium, magnesium, and potassium lower cardiorespiratory stress and blood lactate, which helps increase strength and endurance in athletes. Hence the fact that many long-distance runners supplement with sodium bicarbonate. Alkaline water may act similarly to these supplements.Over time the mineral content of this water could help to retain more fluid in the cardiovascular system. This can increase overall hydration and fluid reserves.

Alkaline Water and Weight Loss

According to a study published in 2011 in the Original Internist researchers found that obese people who drank 2 liters of alkaline water a day lost an average of 12 pounds over the course of 2 months. In a 52-week study published in the International Journal of Experimental Pathology in 2001 where rats who were subject to drinking alkaline water with a higher pH level lost the most weight compared to the rest who did not.

How do you make alkaline water?

Alkaline Water:debunking the myth

Before anything, the first step is to check the pH level of the water you wish to ionize. Acquire a pH kit from a health or food store near you. Dip the strip In and then check its color against the chart provided. If it shows 7 or below, then you should alkalize it.

The best ways to alkalize your water include:

• Adding baking soda.

• Lemon juice or lime juice.

• Adding recommended alkaline minerals.

Make sure to follow instructions so that you ionize as required; use the right measurements. Once done, recheck the pH level to confirm success.Bottled mineral water tends to be alkaline. Tap water can be alkalized by adding mineral powders.

Water Ionizers

Water Ionizer is a device which is said to increase the pH of drinking water through electrolysis.According to companies that manufacture these products, these devices allow and cause the water to interact with the electrodes by splitting hydrogen ions from oxygen which has a great influence on the pH of the water.However, according to experts in chemistry, the term ionized water does not make sense so that the assertions about the health benefits of using these devices to make ionized water are unfounded. All the water that is in nature has a pH that corresponds perfectly to the minerals that are in the water. When drinking alkaline water the body assumes that it is receiving alkaline minerals such as calcium and magnesium. The problem with ionized water is that the body thinks it is getting more alkaline minerals than there actually are in the water.

Why would anyone be interested in ingesting something artificial when there are natural alternatives at a lower cost?

Artificial alkaline water only neutralizes acidity where it has direct contact as in the stomach and small intestine. If consumed daily the small intestine becomes over-alkalized and side effects begin to appear. The most common are erratic behavior of the heart, hypertension, infections of the bladder and urinary tract, anxiety.

Does alkaline water have harmful effects?

By nature, anything that has advantages never lacks some downsides.Apart from that, it is not always good to maintain a high alkalinity in our body.In the case of people with kidney disorder or those who are taking medicines that alter the kidney function, alkaline water could be pernicious because of the minerals that could accumulate in the body and this high level of Alkalinity may have adverse effects.

Some other  side effects include:

• Excessive consumption can irritate your eyes, skin and mucous membrane.

• It causes a condition called  Metabolic Alkalosis  that comes about as a result of disruption of the natural body pH level. This, in turn, causes nausea, muscle twitching and tingling of various body parts.


In conclusion, although the current evidence does not indicate that alkaline water actually has the miraculous benefits attributed to it, there is no contrary evidence against its use. Usually, the consumption of alkaline water does not seem to be harmful only except for people with kidney problems should be careful to add this type of water. If you decide to try alkaline water,naturally-occurring mineral water should be your main choice.

On the other hand, tap water can contain contaminating compounds, if you have the possibility try to get a filter.The final advice would be to continue the use of filtered tap water and occasionally add water with naturally occurring mineral components.

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