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Think of methods for weight loss and you probably think of running, cycling, swimming or working out and meditation probably doesn’t come to mind. However, there is evidence that meditation for weight loss can be just as effective as working up a sweat at the gym. And if your weight is stressing you out, meditation can be an effective way to lower blood pressure too.

The human brain has the ability to constantly build neural connections and always changing for better or worse.These connections, through the repetition of thoughts and acts, construct real highways that configure neuronal patterns or more or less strong automatic behaviors, depending on their repetition and emotions that condition our later behavior, without realizing it but unavoidably. Thus we respond “to situations always in the same way” and the repetitive thoughts that do so much damage are configured.

Why Meditation Works

How to ise meditation for weight loss

Stress releases cortisol. This hormone increases abdominal fat. Chronic stress is interpreted by the body as hunger. When you practice meditation to lose weight, it neutralizes this order completely.It calms nerves and prevents extra fat build-up.
By getting rid of compulsion, stress and anxiety through meditation techniques, people fail to find satisfaction in food.Losing weight is as much about actually wanting to look thinner, as it is about working out or eating healthier foods.A few minutes of meditation per day could help the more active people to improve their effectiveness, as these techniques allow the mind to calm down and improve decision making.
With the mind focused, distractions are reduced and decisions are fully geared to the subject matter without many dispersions as would normally occur. What usually happens is that people’s mind works very rapidly, and interspersed between the past and future thoughts, which reduces the ability to concentrate and understand.
In this way, performance is improved at work and also in dealing with people. Meditating is able to alleviate the stress and eliminate the negative thoughts which often get in the way of a weight loss goal, and meditating can get you back on the right track for losing that weight and keeping it off.
Meditation can also help to increase the body’s natural supply of well-being such as  serotonin , which can actually make you feel fuller and can reduce the cravings to overeat or to eat junk food. And because meditation helps to relax you and improve your focus, it can increase your overall self-confidence, make you feel better about yourself and make you more determined to succeed. Whether your problem is binge eating or you overeat due to an emotional issue, meditation for weight loss can make a difference.

How to Meditate

the benefits of meditation for weight loss

 Just like everything else, there is a right way to do it, and knowing how to meditate is key to successful meditation for losing weight. Ideally, you should meditate twice a day, for about 20 minutes each time and in a spot that is as free from as many external distractions as possible.
You can lie down, sit or kneel, whatever position works best for you. Two of the most important things to remember when meditating are to breathe slowly, deeply and steadily and to try to relax your muscles as much as possible.
You should also focus on your breathing, or on a single word or image, and as best you can don’t focus on anything distracting such as work – if those thoughts enter your mind, simply mentally push them aside

Don’t Expect Instant Results

 Although meditation to lose weight can be effective, it is important to understand that it isn’t instantaneous, and you won’t see those unwanted pounds slipping away after sitting and relaxing for a few minutes.
Realistically, you will need to practice meditation for at least several weeks before you start to enjoy some results. It also helps if you can take some exercise and modify your diet at the same time that you are meditating.
Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years, and meditating to help with weight loss really can work, as it has worked for countless other people. There is plenty of expert advice online on meditating, much of it free.As the old joke has it, meditating is better than sitting there doing nothing.So if you are determined to lose weight and have tried just about everything else, find a nice quiet spot and get started.

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