Natural bodybuilding, unlike professional bodybuilding, does not rely on any chemicals or synthetic hormones. If you are using steroids now, you are not a natural bodybuilder. Bodybuilding is a convenient way of maintaining good health.

Muscle mass can only be increased without the use of hormones if the target group’s work balance continues to increase. For this reason, most gym visitors can’t surpass their physiological limits.

These people get the majority of training programs from world fitness magazines which target them by using professional athletes who actually take anabolic steroids.

Watch For Natural Bodybuilding  Scams

Pros have used drugs regularly at different levels to achieve performance during the last 50 years. Several figures suggest that up to 99% of athletes have been participating in a competition with steroids at least once in their lives.

The remaining 1 percent are easy to identify. Let’s just say their results are usually not favorable regarding where they’re placed in a bodybuilding competition. However, given the sad reality of life, many fans of so-called natural bodybuilding still cheer on athletes who train without prohibited substances.

Most positive findings of rapid progress in muscle mass increase are attributed to drug use. You may not realize it, but you, too, might have been affected by before and after pictures of muscle-building product ads that are at an all-time high.

Nearly all well-known bloggers and trainers use pharmacology, but few know this. Nevertheless, the drugs are used but not acknowledged since many promote themselves as natural bodybuilding experts.

This form of advertising boosts the sales of their methods, programs, and services. But don’t be dismayed; even though going 100% natural is often obscured by most, it is not impossible.


The legendary Charles Atlas and George Gakkenshmidt, are arguably the sport’s founders. Their early contribution to bodybuilding, achieving an extraordinary physique at a time when anabolic medicinal drugs were not yet available, is confirmation. They represented a bodybuilding process and defined the results obtained through sheer intensive training.

How to do without toxic products?

Yes, it’s true. You can actually have large muscles without using anabolic steroids. You just need to work hard and eat well. But here is where the problems begin.

Blind copy programs are used to overtrain most people. No actual growth can be reached using these methods.

Natural Bodybuilding  Training

Natural Bodybuilding  Training

You can continue your training after a good rest; then, you’ll feel an eruption of energy and power. Do not automatically start lifting the old weight.

You’ll gain more by lowering the load and gradually increasing the weight. This way, you won’t “wear yourself out” at first and will make enough progress before stopping.

Begin by lifting the lighter weights and making a series of 12 repetitions for three sets. The weight should then increase progressively as the number of reps decreases to 6.

After you max out, you will need to rest for a week, and you will reduce the workout’s weight by 30-50 kg and start working again slightly.

The trick is that you can not constantly exercise at the highest capacity. The body is easily exhausted, and overtraining is a huge problem for people struggling for natural gains.

This periodic loading process helps the body to heal from using lighter weights while exercising. Then you get creative and get to the next phase.

Keep repeating this process while reducing the load, and so forth. Therefore, the need for muscle growth specifically enhances personal strength, as advanced adverse techniques contribute to fatigue and overwork.


The term’ natural bodybuilding’ became mainstream for the first time in the early 1990s. The primary purpose is to inspire athletes to boost their health without drugs and steroids.

They do not necessarily have to be the same as competitors in the “Mr. Olympia” tournaments. Becoming a muscle-bound freak is not more important than good health.

Achieving a beautiful athletic body, which was created while prohibiting the use of “chemical” doping, should be the norm.

Many organizations advocate for natural bodybuilding to become the new “standard.” The following groups encourage bodybuilding without the use of anabolic steroids and pharmacology:

  • The North American Natural Bodybuilding Federation (NANBF)
  • The International Natural Bodybuilding & Fitness Federation (INBFF)
  • The Australasian Natural Bodybuilding Association (ANBA)
  • The International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA)
    the Natural Physical Association (NPD)

Anti “doping” backers claim that their approach is based more on healthy lifestyles and natural competition.

Nevertheless, history shows that in the competitive spirit, some athletes refused to take drugs but have used them in the past.

Athletes today must pass two tests for the prevention of similar occurrences in the sport.

  • On polygraphs (lie detectors)
  • On traditional drug tests

Interestingly, early steroid users can still participate in these events, but on one crucial condition, seven years must pass since they last took steroids.

Here is a short list of natural prescription drugs not used to support the condition during your career:

  • Testosterone,
  • Anabolic steroid,
  • Human growth hormone,
  • Insulin-like growth factor,
  • Some anabolic prohormones and pro steroids,
  • Thyroid hormones,
  • 2,4-(DNP),
  • Clenbuterol;
  • Erythropoietin (EPO);
  • Norephedrine,
  • Ephedrine,
  • Ephedra;
  • Stimulants

Please note that the minimum “chemical” exclusion lists are included, particularly the chemicals that are most widely used by athletes. Many other things can significantly complement the list of anti-doping sports federations.

The document does not include any drugs for medical purposes such as allergies, asthma, and inflammation. Nevertheless, the anabolic effect of such medications has not been confirmed.

The fact that tobacco, alcohol, and caffeine are naturally present in a diet and are often used in the daily life of most people is not forbidden.

What can you use for natural bodybuilding?

Natural Bodybuilder posing

People can take protein, amino acids, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and creatine because they are necessary for a regular healthy daily diet in traditional foods. Any Anti-Doping Organization is also not prohibited.

Natural bodybuilders shall also permit the use of pharmacological and herbal adaptor agents or Adaptogens, which improve stamina, and strength movements and are not limited by the use of anti-doping committees.

The primary basis of natural bodybuilding should be balanced lifestyles and diligent planning, which should be well selected. A healthy diet and additional sports nutrition and pharmacology products should be included where they are indispensable.

Natural Bodybuilding Pros and Cons

It is, of course, not always straightforward and not as glamorous to be a “natural bodybuilder.” Many are doubtful, without immediate results, and you need to understand what all face with this approach.


A lot of work and discipline are required to achieve the desired results.

But be practical; you will never get the same muscle volume and mass as you would using steroids.

You probably won’t be in a position to compete as a pro bodybuilder.

A bodybuilder with a more powerful steroid-induced physique will always be present.

After you have obtained good muscle growth performance, people around you will assume that you take anabolic steroids.

People will still think you’re a liar even when you insist that it’s not so.

Steroid use will always be possible on the pathway to success and quick muscle-building results.


You don’t need to buy and use black market steroids off the internet.

There is no health risk; somewhat, you improve your health and well-being.

You keep investments in order (money for sports nutrition of higher quality and useful items can be spent).

You don’t have to fabricate about hormones to others.

Many women prefer male athletes with their natural bodies.

You can be proud of your efforts and performance as you have done without taking any illegal pills or treatments.

Recommendations for natural training of athletes, diet, and supplements

Protein proportion, fats, carbs

Food intake ketogenics

Food intake amount

Career bodybuilding supplements

Food Intake Supplementation

The bodybuilders will concentrate on three major aspects during the preparation of the competition: strength, cardiovascular, and nutrition.

And certain athletes take different food supplements to achieve the most beneficial results. Protein supplement work can be done efficiently by interested readers on protein supplementation, but they must be cautious.

There is an extensive list of prohibited substances in the Bodybuilding Federation, and we shall only find legal additions to this article.

Protein supplements are not, however, considered essential for meeting the same requirements as traditional foods for the consumption of proteins.


The most ergogenic element that is not included in the prohibited list is recognized as creatine monohydrate. The liver and kidney function in healthy adults is not affected by creatine monohydrate.

Several studies have shown that creatine monohydrate acquires significant muscle mass and strength during preparation.

Several studies have reported an increase of 1-2 kg in muscle mass following 4-28 days of creatine intake of 20 g / day. The importance of creatine’s “load” phase is not so clear.

The supplementation of creatine by 20 grams a day results in an overall increase of about 20 percent in creatine levels in the muscles that can be maintained for 30 days with 2 grams of creatine a day.

At a period when 3 g/ day of creatine supplement was ingested for 28 days, the creatine levels in muscle tissue also increased by 20 percent. Consequently, the process of the creatine “loading” phase is not required.


In the bodybuilding community, the use of beta-alanine has become ever more popular. Beta-alanine will be treated in the musculature when it reaches the blood. It is introduced into a carnosine dipeptide synthesis, which plays a vital role in anaerobic exercise, including sprinting or weight lifting.

The 4-week BA intake boosts carnosine by 64 percent with 6.4 g per day. Also, BA receptions will improve the performance in knee extension exercises for a duration of 4–10 weeks. The receptions can also positively affect endurance when doing high-intense cardio.

Beta-gidroksi-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB)

Beta-hydroxy methyl butyrate (HMB) leucine metabolite can promote the synthesis of muscle proteins and regulate catabolism.

Various GMB health studies have shown no adverse effects on the liver, cholesterol, kidney, hemoglobin, white blood cells, and plasma glucose.

The results of this study include: Two meta-analyses were also performed to prove that HMB is healthy and has no well-known side effects.

The use of HMB, especially in people with high cholesterol levels, can lower blood pressure and LDL cholesterol.


Approximately 14-18 percent of the total weight of amino acids in human muscle tissue is BCAA (branched-chain amino acid). BCAA is today one of the most popular dietary supplements in bodybuilding.

Leucine is the most interesting thing here because there is evidence that leucine intake can contribute to muscle protein synthesis to a similar degree as all other amino acid intake.

The intake of leucine can nevertheless lead to the depletion of valine and isoleucine so that all three amino acids are accepted most effectively.

The recommended dosage of leucine for adults is currently 550 mg /day. Further analysis is also required to determine the safe dose of leucine, isoleucine, and valine.


Arginine supplements that are commonly used in bodybuilding to improve muscle blood flow promote protein synthesis and enhance athletic performative efficiency before exercise.

Furthermore, no work has yet been performed to support these arginine properties. For example, there were no significant differences in muscle flow between the two groups used in the Faja study.

Young colleagues were therefore asked to take 7 g of Arginine immediately before exercise. The results resembled a placebo at best.

Citrulline Malate

Citrulline malate (CM) has become a major feature of bodybuilding lately. Nonetheless, there is currently no scientific proof that this supplement is useful. Ingesting of CM “works” in three respects theoretically:

  • CM is an essential urea cycle component and, therefore, can reduce ammonia
  • CM mediates the flow of tricarboxylic acid and avoids the lactic acid build-up
  • Citrulline to Arginine (but Arginine has no ergogenic effect on healthy young athletes, as mentioned earlier)


Only one analysis, in conjunction with 6-week strength training, was deemed effective on its own. In that case, the muscle mass growth and muscle protein decay levels in contrast to the control group were not clearly identified.

While previous studies have shown the efficiency of glutamine in athletic performance, the use of glutamic supplements may positively impact the health and absorption of peptides in people experiencing severe stress.

Gastrointestinal supplements have also been recorded. Be that as it may, the findings do not generally help with glutamine’s ergogenic effects.


The most common stimulant for bodybuilders to exercise is caffeine. Many studies show the effectiveness of caffeine during endurance training, sprinting, and strength training for improving athletic performance.

It is worth noting that most research allowed the use of high doses (5-6 mg/kg) of caffeine to boost athletic performance significantly. This is the maximum intake limit of 6 mg/kg.

Normally, when consumed daily, the ergogenic effect of caffeine is decreased. The 5-6 mg/kg intake of caffeine thus produces an ergogenic impact while, at the same time, cyclically using it to obtain the best results.


In many studies conducted by dietary bodybuilders, micronutrients have been insufficient. It is worth noting that this deficiency was observed in research carried out some 20 years ago.

It confirmed that micronutrient deficiency might occur from monotonous diets. At the same time, it should also be noted that further research is needed to determine whether a modern diet containing a variety of different foods contributes to micronutrient deficiency.

In general, using small doses of certain micronutrients in the context of a healthy diet may be necessary based on the findings of earlier studies, but further clarification is needed.


Anabolic drugs can only be administered by credible physicians. The information above does not include hard drugs and is primarily intended to minimize the risk of complications and side effects.


To increase muscle mass, you must work out properly and eat well. Consequently, it is important to respect daily trends and eating habits.

You will have the best possible results if all conditions are met. Obviously, it takes a long time to achieve the goal. Nevertheless, steroid abuse will always eventually catch up with you. Natural bodybuilding is the best way to improve muscle mass.

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