Are Superfoods Really Super?

What Is Meant By The Term Superfoods?We have all heard the term superfood and thought to ourselves that it must be some pretty powerful stuff with a lot of healthy properties. But what exactly is it and is this food really that super?Well, I guess the main reason why it is known as a superfood is because all the foods with that label are known to be good for you and have many health benefits. The problem is that many so-called experts dispute this term because a lot of people who use the term super with food also make exaggerated claims as to the power of the food itself.

Most people claim that the term is just a marketing gimmick used to sell certain foods with really no scientific basis for it. But just because these foods are not proven scientifically doesn’t mean we should automatically discount them as not being powerful and having health benefits.

I mean we all know that certain vegetables have healthy vitamins while many foods have dangerous fats. One would consider foods such as kale, spinach, collard greens, berries, nuts, seeds, dark green vegetables, broccoli, fruits, and healthy fish such as salmon, sardines and mackerel as having very positive healthy benefits. It is okay to label these foods as super because they really are super good for you.



Now the true problem with superfoods lies in the fact that many claim these foods have cancer-fighting properties. This is not scientific fact, so when you think of these types of food try not to think of them as a cure for all disease, because it is not a proven scientific fact. Never rely on these foods to cure anything, except your weight. With a diet rich in these types of foods, you are sure to be much healthier and lose a lot of weight.

Then you have certain trends where they claim a food is super then news comes out a few years later saying Oops not so fast we may have goofed, and this food really does cause health problems. So you really can’t trust these labels the groups of marketers put on foods. You have to trust your instincts and just eat what you know is healthy, stick to a diet and exercise.

As far as curing diseases, never look at a food label and believe any of that. In fact, I would be highly skeptical of any packaging that claims it is a superfood that can cure disease. Something about that raises the flags for Over-hyped sensationalism, and you probably should stay away from that company.


The label of these healthy foods is really overblown with too many people causing an uproar over nothing. These foods really are super, and if it does take a label for people to start eating them on a regular basis, then that is a good thing, right? But you can also see the flip side in that you don’t want people believing these foods are magical cures.

What’s the difference really when it all boils down to it, you should eat healthy anyway? So what if they label the food super. I guess it is just some people upset that others have found a way to make a few extra dollars charging more for healthier foods. But that’s usually the way it is anyway even without the label. Healthy food most of the time costs a lot more money.

As a person looking to diet, eat healthily and exercise you should follow a plan that does include these healthy foods. If you see that label buy the food because you know it has good properties in it that are considered healthy. People who have no sense of nutrition may be helped by this term because they will see the label and automatically know that this is one of the best foods they can buy to be healthy.

The commotion over the label is really much to do about nothing because in the end these are the foods you should be consuming on a regular basis. Make a list of all the foods you think are super, consume them daily and you are living a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t take a genius to figure that one out.

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