Natural Energy Boosters: Boosting Energy Without Caffeine

Are there any other natural energy boosters besides coffee? It’s in our culture – whenever we feel tired and the day isn’t over, we tend to grab a cup of coffee to just to feel rejuvenated and to keep our energy levels high.

Here’s an interesting fact: studies have revealed that women who are in their 30’s consume approximately 165 mg of caffeine each day, and the consumption increases to 225 mg as soon as they reach the age 50.

While coffee has been the ‘go-to’ drink for many people whenever they need to stay up at night, or just wanted to feel energized, numerous reports have linked excess caffeine consumption to different health risks.

Increased caffeine intake is said to have a tremendous impact on one’s cardiovascular health, and is often the common culprit of heart attacks.

Natural Energy Boosters

The good thing is, you don’t have to rely on coffee all the time just to have the energy that you need.

There are many other natural energy boosters you can resort to, and some of which are:

1. Chewing Gums

A piece of gum doesn’t just help you get a fresher breath, but it can also help with revitalizing your body.

In a 2012 study, it has been found out that people who chew gum for at least 15 minutes are said to be more alert as compared to people who don’t pop a piece.

Andy Smith, the one who conducted the study said that a piece of chewing gum can increase one’s heart rate, which in turn improves and increases blood flow to our brain.

In addition to which, chewing gums can also stimulate our ANS (autonomic nervous system).

This is the part of our brain which is responsible for increasing alertness.

2. Minimize Sugar Intake

High-glycemic intake can make you feel ‘shaky’ and sleepy, and avoiding these types of foods can make you feel more alert and energized.

This isn’t limited to eating sweets. You also have to become aware that certain foods such as those rich in simple carbohydrates can also spike your blood sugar level, so make sure that you avoid or minimize intake of those.

3. Dried Rosemary

Herbal remedies are usually the most effective ones, and this one speaks for itself. If you have some dried rosemary in your kitchen, take a couple of whiffs.

Herbalists say that its intense and woody scent can be considered as an invigorating stimulant.

4. Schedule a ‘Thank You’ Walk

As weird as it may sound, scheduling at least 10 minutes per day for a ‘thank you’ walk can help your body feel energized.

As you’re walking, try and focus and think of the things that you are thankful for. It can be anything – take note of what you feel after you’re done thinking of the things you’re grateful for.

This simple technique is known to stimulate the brain with positive thoughts, filling your mind with happy neurotransmitters – these happy thoughts are said to energize your mental, physical, spiritual and emotional state.

Natural Energy Boosters: Boosting Energy Without Caffeine

5. Drink Cold Water

If icy water is available, please do so as this is part of our most effective natural energy boosters.

Most often, our body signals us that we are fatigued – and this is the first symptom that we are starting to become dehydrated.

So the next time that you feel sleepy, or even tired even when the day isn’t done, drinking two glasses of ice cold water will help you feel refreshed and rejuvenated once more.

Some people tend to skip drinking water because they’re too busy, or their mind is focused on too many things.

However, this simple drink can affect the way you think and focus all day long – it has an impact on your overall energy too, so always take note that you need to drink cold water every now and then to avoid feeling fatigued most of the time.

6. Make Sure You Get Enough Iron

Another well-known cause of fatigue is iron deficiency anemia. If you find that you are starting to drag yourself around constantly, it is possible that your iron levels are low.

Iron’s main function is to bring hemoglobin to your brain and other body parts, which carries oxygen, which is responsible for producing energy.

If you’re getting enough sleep but still experiencing fatigue even in the middle of the day, without doing stressful work, have your iron levels checked.

Include iron-rich foods in your diet as well, alongside an iron supplement that works for you.

7. Lighten Up

There is a reason why we turn off our lights during bedtime – darkness signals your brain to go to sleep and rest.

In your workplace, to avoid feeling sleepy and tired, make sure that you lighten up.

A well-lit room can stimulate your brain, making you feel more alert and less groggy all throughout the day.

Leave the dim lights to your bedroom, or at least don’t turn it on unless it’s your time to unwind.

8. Listen To Your Favorite Playlist(s)

Music (upbeat ones) are energizing. Have you noticed your heartbeat going up when you listen to upbeat songs on the radio, or ever noticed that you’re starting to drive faster?

This is because music has an effect on improving your energy levels. Do you need more? Sing along with the song.

Studies have found out that singing along your favorite beats decreases tension while increases your energy arousal at the same time.

9. Massage Your Ears

This one might sound the weirdest among our natural energy boosters, but this little trick works!

All you need to do is to apply pressure to your ear’s outer rim. It can help in invigorating your whole body, and stimulate your brain, making you feel more awake and energized.

10. Tap Your Thymus

What does this mean? Our thymus is located just above our breasts, beneath our collar bone.

Tapping our thymus releases T-cells can help relieve stress, and yes, increases energy levels.

Doing this will let you experience a sudden energy boost – all you need to do is tap your thymus using your fingertips for at least 20 seconds.

You no longer have to worry about decreased energy levels. Check our ten natural energy boosters and enjoy your day without having to worry about stress and fatigue!

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