The 18 Best Foods For Muscle Growth

Muscle growth is all about working out, eating right, and understanding the science behind a body’s nutritional needs.

The average person will often spend too much time on one or the other, which leads to insufficient results and a frustrating experience. Instead of allowing for this to happen, you can make sure to go with the best foods for muscle growth.

When you make a good choice, your muscles will flourish, and that’s when everything works out well! Here are some of the top foods everyone should consider adding to their list as soon as possible.

Best Foods For Muscle Growth

Discover the 18 best foods for muscle growth

1) Beef

Let’s begin with a heavy-hitter when it comes to muscle growth and development.

Beef Features essential amino acids, B vitamins, as well as creatine, all of which can boost your athletic performance.

You need to eat a good amount of protein and you will get a significant amount with beef. This is packed with up to 26 grams of protein per serving (100 grams).

Most people like the idea of adding beef to their meal as it is filling and will often taste good.

It’s a win-win for those hoping to make the most of what’s in front of them while building muscle mass over the long run.

2) Chicken Breasts

Just like beef, chicken breasts are a heralded option among muscle-building enthusiasts, and for a good reason.

This “white” meat is ideal for the digestive system and isn’t going to overwork the body while offering a good amount of protein at the same time.

Chicken breasts offer a good “bang for your buck” when it comes to building a good meal.

Whether you are adding them to a sandwich or making a chicken salad, the options are endless, and that tends to win people over in minutes.

They like the idea of being able to lean on this option when it’s time to eat.

3) Salmon

Seafood has always been noted as a high-caliber food with regard to health and fitness.

Whether it is losing weight, getting healthier, and/or building muscle mass, you will know salmon has to be on your list of things to buy.

Salmon is a powerful food filled with all-encompassing nutrients and will provide a great amount of protein at the same time.

It is one of the cleanest meats on the market and is ideal for those looking to mix things up.

Salmon can be consumed in a number of ways and that’s what makes it special!

4) Peanut Butter

Peanut butter is something people have been consuming since they were young children. So, why not continue eating it while you look to put on some muscle?

This is a great option to include in your diet because it’s high in protein and will taste great at the same time!

You are going to easily be able to put other a quick sandwich and enjoy a meal that is already known to you from a young age.

Peanut butter is able to provide almost 8 grams of protein per serving (2 Tablespoons). This is more than enough to put together a nice sandwich.

5) Olive Oil

Our ancestors already used this special type of oil to provide energy and fat to the body.

One of the advantages of olive oil is that it reduces inflammation, and helps repair and rebuild muscles.

Your cholesterol must be absorbed by the cells so that you can obtain testosterone.

Olive oil, compared to other sources of fat, performs this process more quickly, according to studies.

As you may already know Testosterone works to support muscle growth. This is ideal as it is going to offer a great amount of muscle-building potential.

It’s all about making sure you’re including this in a salad or trying to add it as an ingredient in your next meal instead of using another option.

6) Eggs

Best Foods For Muscle Growth:Eggs

If there’s ever a list of best foods for muscle growth, it’s always going to have eggs in it. This is a given and has been for generations.

Eggs are easy to cook whether you are making boiled eggs, omelets, or scrambled eggs.

As long as the core ingredient is an egg, you are going to be on the right side of things.

This is why so many people enjoy the idea of being able to put together a few eggs before school/work in the morning.

A single egg has 6 grams of protein and most people can eat 2-3 without breaking a sweat.

7) Milk

When it comes to dairy products, milk has to be at the top of the list.

Milk has been around for a long time and has always been seen as a muscle-building option.

Whether it’s a glass early in the morning or after a workout, you can always mix things up and have this in your diet plan.

For some, it is also used as a separate ingredient alongside a high-grade protein powder.

You can easily create a protein shake with the help of milk and double your protein intake immediately.

This is why it is so heavily leaned on in the muscle-building community.

8) Nuts

Best Foods For Muscle Growth:nuts
Walnut, cashew, almond, and hazelnut

Nuts are a wonderful source of protein and healthy fats, which makes them a great solution for muscle growth.

* Walnuts
* Peanuts
* Chestnuts

These are just some of the options that can be included in your meal plan when it’s time to build muscle.

If you want to get bigger and stronger, then it’s important to look into including nuts.

With so many choices, each person can pick out 1-2 that suit their taste buds.

Whether you eat them or use their spreads (i.e., peanut butter), it’s essential to think about this in detail before getting started on a diet plan.

9) Cheese

Cheese has found a home in almost every nation on the planet and for good reason. It’s easy to use, offers tremendous nutrients, and tastes great.

Some of the types to consider include:

* Cotija
* Mozzarella
* Cheddar
* Emmental
* Roquefort
* Feta
* Chevre
* Camembert

Cheese is one of those foods you will want to eat in one form or another. It’s high in protein, amino acids, and calcium.

With such a potent set of nutrients, you’re going to be in good shape when it comes time to build muscle.

Even a small portion of cheese can go a long way in providing value over the long run.

10) Turkey Breasts

With 8 grams of protein per serving (1 oz), you are getting tremendous value out of turkey breasts.

This is another white meat option that’s going to add nutritional value to any meal plan and is going to work well in a sandwich, salad, or regular dinner.

It’s up to you as to how it is utilized, but it can be a powerful food to have up your sleeve.

Turkey meat is also good for vitamin B while also keeping the bad carbs/fats away. It’s the perfect type of meat.

11) Beans

Beans:best foods to build muscle
Group of beans and lentils

With so many variations under this category, it’s important to consider adding at least one type of bean into your diet.

Some of the types include:

* Lima Beans
* Kidney Beans
* Black Beans
* Pinto Beans
* Fava Beans
* Navy Beans

Sometimes, preparing a small bowl of beans can go a long way in your muscle-building journey.

Beans are great for so many reasons and it has a lot to do with their healthy fats, fiber, and protein levels.

These beans are able to provide around 24 grams of protein per serving (100 grams) ensuring a well-planned meal as soon as you want.

It doesn’t take a lot to maximize beans, and that’s what makes them useful.

12) Quinoa

Quinoa is a unique food and is used for a number of reasons including healthy muscle development in the human body.

Quinoa comes with approximately 8 grams of protein per serving (1 cup) and can be a good way to supplement your daily meal plan.

Along with the protein, you are also going to be eating clean carbs with the help of this meal, and it also tastes great at the same time.

It can be a good replacement for white (starched) rice.

13) Chickpeas

Eating 1 cup of chickpeas is going to guarantee 39 grams of protein. This is how valuable chickpeas can be as you start to formulate a well-designed diet plan.

Each person is going to be different when it comes to their meals, but this is an exceptional food to have in your arsenal.

Chickpeas are not only high in protein but also include healthy fats, fiber, and good carbs.

This is a great way to push past some of the plateaus a person can hit as they look to build muscle.

14) Tofu

Best Foods For Muscle Growth:tofu
Stir-fried tofu in a bowl with sesame and greens

A block of tofu (116 grams) has about 9 grams of protein and is also ideal while you’re looking to stay fit.

It doesn’t come with empty calories, and it’s going to be a neat addition to your salad.

Most people enjoy having tofu in their lunch, and it can act as a good option while you hope to prepare a decent-sized meal.

According to research, tofu has been ranked as one of the best plant proteins on the planet and is often used as the main source of protein by vegans.

If you’re a vegan, this should be a mandatory inclusion in your meal plan!

15) Pork

If meat sources are going to be listed, it’s always best to include pork. Yes, pork is a unique option, but it is a good one whether it’s included in a sandwich or a regular salad.

The options are endless and that is why people adore the idea of using pork as their base ingredient.

It’s well-recognized as a high-quality option for building muscle and is going to help push you in the right direction as soon as it’s added into the mix.

In general, a single serving of pork has 24 grams of protein.

16) Almonds

Almonds have been around for a long time as an important food and aren’t going away anytime soon.

This is why you should be looking to have a handful of almonds every single day whenever you get the opportunity to do so.

It doesn’t take long to eat a handful of almonds, and they’re great for the body in so many ways.

It’s not just about the protein (which is high!) but also the antioxidants and general nutrients found in almonds.

They are brimming with great qualities, and that is something everyone likes the idea of adding to their diet plan.

17) Bison

This is a unique addition to the best foods for muscle growth but it’s an important one.

Bison meat is well-regarded as being among the upper echelon of muscle-building foods on the market.

Yes, it is not as easy to buy but if you do have access to it, you are in luck. This is going to pack a punch and will boost your chances of building real muscle.

In general, bison meat comes with 27 grams of protein per serving (100 grams) and this truly illustrates why it is such a slice of wonderful meat to include in your meal plan.

18) Shrimp

This is a wonderful addition to your list as it offers 18 grams of protein per serving (85 grams). This substantial amount of protein is a fantastic way to hit your macro-nutrient requirements.

Along with being packed in protein, shrimp is also well-equipped to be a good addition to your meal and is easy to digest. This makes it easier to enjoy a good portion throughout the day.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best foods for muscle growth is all about taking the time to flesh out a detailed diet plan. Too many people go through the motions when it comes to finding high-quality foods, building a diet plan, and understanding the science behind nutrition.

Until this happens, you are always going to be spinning your wheels and that can be mighty frustrating over the long term. Take a look at these foods, put together a versatile muscle-building program and push forward with the help of a well-designed diet.

You will notice changes within weeks and it’s only going to progress as time goes on.

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