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All of us have fitness goals, losing weight can be one of them. This might be a real challenge to some people. Unfortunately, the solution to overweight and obesity-related problems is not always found only in a low-calorie diet and exercise plan.

The use of appetite suppressants can be an alternative option to support and aid in achieving optimal Weight loss. Over the counter and prescription appetite suppressants may be used early in a diet program to promote weight loss while also reducing food cravings.  While there are a lot of diet pills and supplements on the market today, it is important to sort out what really works.

For most people, long-term use is not an option, but a few pounds can be lost within a short period of time. Sustained weight loss, in the long run, involves good nutrition and physical activity. The advantages and disadvantages of any pills for weight loss should be discussed with your doctor.

It is very important also to get to know some of the possible side effects that these appetite suppressants might have on you. Not all of them are fake, there are appetite suppressants that work and can help you to cut some weight. Here are some useful tips that will give you a good insight into how they work.

Appetite suppressants? What are they?

The general weight loss formula is equal to eating less and being more active. This is good in theory, but when it comes to the practical bit, it can prove to be a real hurdle. This applies especially to the part you are told that you need to eat less and maybe it is the festive season, and everyone shows up with your favorite cake. This might have you fall off the dieting bandwagon every so often.

When you reach that point, common sense tells us that the solution would be having enough willpower and not to give in when tempted to eat something that will adversely affect your health. But if you would rather have a quicker and easier route then you can opt to start using appetite suppressants. These will help you to stick to the eating less part of your diet plan.

Appetite suppressants help to reduce your natural want for food. Taking these weight loss aid will help you feel full every other time you feel like snacking. Consequently, this has an effect on helping you to reduce some excessive weight.

Types of Appetite Suppressants

appetite suppressants that work.

The appetite suppressant that might work for you might not necessarily work for the other person. You need to know what works best for you and which type of appetite suppressants as well. Appetite suppressants are generally divided into three different categories.

Natural Appetite Suppressants

An appetite suppressant normally refers to a medicine prescribed to relieve your hunger in order to help you lose weight. Some herbal weight loss pill manufacturers, however, also use the term to describe herbal products and natural components that aid in curbing hunger.

These appetite suppressants are natural ingredients or items that can be found on our normal diet. They can be transformed into pills that have the ability to effectively boost your nervous system that will cause an increase in your metabolic rate.

Natural appetite suppressants can also increase your adrenaline that helps your body to also suppress your appetite. Some of these natural ingredients include fiber which can slow down sugar or glucose breakdown, allowing you to feel fuller throughout the day.

Saffron extract that acts as a regulator of mood-stimulating hormones such as serotonin and endorphins, grapefruit essential oil contains beneficial acids, antioxidants, as well as natural enzymes capable of helping to reduce appetite, mitigate cravings and activate the lymphatic system and green tea extract which has been linked to beneficial effects on metabolic diseases and the regulation of appetite hormones. The use of these natural aids to curb hunger makes it easier to maintain cravings down to a minimum.

Getting plenty of water throughout the day is a great way to curb your appetite. Sometimes the body sends out signals that can be misinterpreted. Frequently, hunger may be mistaken for thirst, which is why drinking water is a simple way of keeping your appetite under control. You can also drink a glass of water prior to each meal.

Non-Stimulant Appetite Suppressants

non-stimulant appetite suppressants

This category of appetite suppressants works effectively by controlling the part of your brain that stimulates your appetite and craves for food. The appetite suppressants work by blocking your brain signals that will ordinarily make you want to eat. Hence they will effectively prevent you from overeating.

You might be able to get some good non-stimulant appetite suppressants if your doctor prescribes them for you. You can also get some which are sold over the counter that contains ingredients that are known to be non-stimulant appetite suppressants like chromium and glucomannan which is a type of dietary fiber, derived from the root of the konjac plant.

Herbal Appetite Suppressants

The other type of appetite suppressants is extracted from plants. Herbal appetite suppressants that work are proven to have the ability to stimulate your central nervous system. This will, in turn, signal the brain to release hormones that will make you feel full hence suppress your hunger.

Some herbal appetite suppressants have also been shown to contain traces of ingredients that have laxative effects. These might cause you to have more bowel actions that will cause you to release some of the excessive fats from your body hence lose significant weight.

Herbal appetite suppressants that work effectively include, the aloe juice from aloe vera plant, nuts especially the kola nut, green tea. The content of catechins in tea can speed up thermogenesis in the body. These compounds also have the potential to suppress appetite through increased noradrenaline and cholecystokinin. Unlike the natural appetite suppressants, the herbal appetite suppressants are taken whole and are not transformed into diet pills.

Who can take appetite suppressants?

Individuals who have been advised by a qualified doctor should be allowed to take prescription appetite suppressants. These are normally prescribed by a doctor once you are diagnosed with conditions like obesity or being dangerously overweight(Morbid Obesity).

People who have a BMI hitting 30 and above are more likely to be prescribed with FDA approved weight loss products. You need to pay attention to the possible side effects of these appetite suppressants as they are not meant for everybody who feels they need to shed a few pounds.

Herbal appetite suppressants are safe to be taken by almost anyone. You can easily find the ingredients at the groceries and make home-made recipes for yourself. Make sure that you take the herbal appetite suppressants in moderation to prevent negative side effects.

Appetite Suppressants Side Effects

appetite suppressants that really work

Before you decide to start using medication to treat obesity, it is advisable that you seek medical advice from your doctor. This is because some of these appetite suppressants have side effects. Some of the most common side effects that many people experience may include:


Some people might experience nervousness and increased anxiety due to the enhanced stimulation of the central nervous system.


You might also be easily irritable once you begin using some of these appetite suppressants.


Some appetite suppressants might cause you to have trouble falling asleep. They might cause you to have sleepless nights. Other common side effects of using diet pills for weight loss include periodical headaches and migraines, you might also have an overly dry mouth, constipation issues, abdominal pains and also diarrhea.

Compliance with the requirements of the regulations for the use of prescribed appetite suppressants is essential for patients taking these drugs if they experience symptoms of fainting, shortness of breath, chest pain, or swelling of the legs and ankles and should be discussed with their doctors.

In a nutshell, appetite suppressants may actually help you shed significant weight. You need to do your own research and even consult a professional doctor on the best appetite suppressants that work.

The doctor might also be able to help you to know the best drug treatment for obesity that might work for you and give you the right dosage as well. Make sure that you follow the correct dosage for you to be able to see results.

Always avoid the common temptation of consuming more than the recommended or prescribed amount in a bid to lose more weight quickly. This might be dangerous for your health. That’s why  Taking these products in moderation should be a wise strategy.

Appetite suppressants may help some dieters lose weight, but they are not effective in all cases. Hunger is one of the many reasons why we overeat. These products are not focused on emotional eating, binge eating, or sedentary behaviors, which are commonly associated with overweight and obesity. After a few weeks, their appetite-lowering effect tends to diminish, which is why these medications only come in handy during the first few weeks of a weight loss program.

Most doctors may prescribe appetite control pills over a period of only three to six weeks. You are at risk of regaining your lost weight once you stop taking weight loss aids if there is no long-term change in your diet and exercise habits.

A person’s eating habits and level of physical activity must be adjusted and continued over a longer period of time to allow for further weight loss and, once the goal is reached, weight maintenance.

When it comes to weight loss, you should consider that appetite suppressants will only help you lose weight, but not burn fat. The best way to do this is by following a healthy diet and exercising regularly.

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