Mediterranean diet

“Everybody wants to live forever, but nobody wants to grow old.” – Jonathan Swift.

Isn’t that the truth! To live for as long as possible and in great health too. This is a fine goal to strive and many people are always on a quest to slow down the aging process.

So the question is… Will the Mediterranean diet help slow aging?

Yes and no. This is a tough question to answer because no diet in the world can halt or slow the aging process. Food is not the elixir of life. No matter how healthy the food is, you will definitely suffer ill effects if you overeat.

What the Mediterranean diet will do is cut down your risks of getting certain diseases. It’ll also offer a whole range of health benefits that will see you age in a very healthy way. You will have a much reduced risk of getting health problems such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, stroke, heart diseases, etc.

Just aging without health problems can be viewed as anti-aging. Old age is often associated with a whole host of health problems. If you can get old while maintaining your health, that’s fantastic. Guess what? The Mediterranean diet can help with that.

Studies have shown that the diet which is rich in fruit, fish, vegetables, healthy oils, nuts and is low on fat reduces cancer risk and improves brainpower.

We live in a society that consumes junk food, sugary sodas, processed food, etc. too heavily. Obesity is an epidemic. People are eating with very little regard for their own well-being. This is very disconcerting to say the least.

Most people falsely assume that healthy food is not delicious. The thought of eating boiled broccoli and steamed chicken breasts is a turn-off to them and they’d rather dig into some yummy cheese fries instead.

The Mediterranean diet however, is delicious and healthy. The people in the Mediterranean countries are often healthier than Americans because of their diet.

Mediterranean food is rich in fiber and fruit. This slows down digestion so that you feel hungry less often. The fruit also prevents sugar cravings. Many people do not realize that sugar ages the body. Just reducing your sugar intake will benefit you immensely.

You’ll also be less likely to get type 2 diabetes. Healthy Mediterranean meals are rich in fish and nuts. Both are excellent sources of protein and healthy omega-6 fatty acids. You’ll have less chances of losing lean muscle and getting osteoporosis.

A glass of red wine after dinner is a common practice in the Mediterranean. This has been shown to reduce the risk of heart disease. Red wine is highly beneficial unlike beer, vodka or bourbon.

Mediterranean cuisine is also rich in vegetables. In the US, vegetables are just an afterthought and fried potatoes are considered vegetables. By consuming veggies the way you should on the Mediterranean recipes, you’ll be getting your daily dose of antioxidants that will fight the free radicals in your body and keep your body and skin healthy and supple.

The Mediterranean diet will definitely benefit your health tremendously. As long as you exercise regularly and eat in moderation, you will be just fine and age like the wine in your Mediterranean diet with style and grace.

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