workout routines for women

There are different options to choose from when it comes to fitness as well as there are also some good workout routines for women out there specifically designed for them.Just because you are a woman does not mean you don’t want to work out. It may very well mean that you do not want to engage the same kind of weight-heavy workout routine commonly adopted by men wanting to pump up their muscles. What you are looking for are routines to put in place for getting in shape. More specifically: a woman’s shape. Good news: these workout routines are ideal for women and can be implemented throughout the typical day of women who live all different kinds of lives.

Best workout routines for women

Pelvic Tilt Workout

The pelvic tilt a perfect way for women to work their abs because it is something that can be done alone and away from prying eyes. Pelvic tilts are also ideal ab workouts for women because they won’t result in a slab of six pack muscles in sharp relief across your stomach. Lie down on the floor on your back with knees bent and your arms by your sides. Just push down with your lower back into the floor until you feel your pelvis start to naturally tilt toward the ceiling. When this happens, squeeze your stomach muscles, hold and count to five. Relax and repeat.

Isometric Workout Routines

Another one of the terrific workout for women is a routine of various isometric exercises. And the best part is that unlike pelvic tilts, you don’t even need room to stretch out on the floor. Isometric exercise routine really has only one requirement: that you be able to squeeze your muscles and hold them tight between ten and thirty seconds. Any time of the day and practically anywhere you may be is an opportunity for isometric workouts: whether while waiting in line at the grocery store, trying not to fidget during another boring meeting at the office or even while stuck in traffic. Just pick a muscle group anywhere on the body and start squeezing them tightly.

Water Walking Workouts

Water walking is actually a much more suitable workout for women in some cases. If you are pregnant and have been advised to avoid the high impact exercises you enjoyed before finding out a baby in the way, water walking is one of the best replacements available. Of course, even if you are not pregnant, water walking can give you a solid workout without the associated discomfort of more high impact aerobics.

Those women who have access to a private pool or live close enough to the beach to make a trek there a few times a week are most likely to stick with water walking, but even gyms, health clubs and public pools have the potential to be utilized for this workout routine. All you really need is water that is about ankle- or calf-deep. You want the water to be deep enough to provide the resistance necessary to at least be the equal of brisk walking on a hard surface. A steady pace through water around your ankles can potentially burn as much as 500 calories an hour.

Jump Rope Workout Routines


Women whose lives happen to include spending quality time with their children should never discount the potential for making the most fitness of that quality. Developing a jump rope workout routine with a younger child still capable of being excited over the activity is not just an effective means of giving your entire body a quality workout, it can help instill a lifelong pursuit of fitness for the kids as well. Of course, not being a mom is absolutely no excuse for not adding a jump rope workout into fitness routine. The equipment is cheap and the space required is minimal. In addition to those advantages, the muscles that get a workout read like who’s who:  calves, hamstring, quadriceps, pecs, biceps, triceps, trapezius and, last but certainly not least, the heart. 


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