The Right Muscle Building Diet

Those of us looking to increase our body’s strength know how difficult that can be. It’s hard to stay committed to long workouts, strict diets, and slow moving results.

Many of us find that we simply don’t have the time to worry about what the eat, or hit the gym. This isn’t an easy problem. It won’t come with a solution that’s going to completely reduce your workout’s ability to interfere with work. Eating healthy on the go is tricky, but it’s possible. You need a few tricks to make your muscle building diet work this time.

Beef Jerky

Those who work, and are constantly on the go, know what it’s like to live off a vending machine. In a vending machine, it’s very difficult to find foods that actually help us build muscle.

Sure, they’re many energy dense foods that will keep us full, and focused. These carbohydrate-based potato chips won’t give us the strong muscles we are looking for.

In order to build muscle, we need to have the ingredients for it. That’s why we should always choose beef jerky when at the vending machine. This dried meat has very little fat. Just one serving of beef jerky can give you a whooping 11g of protein. We all know protein is a polypeptide chain of amino acids, which are what muscles are made out of.

Carbohydrates Are Important

Carbohydrates are very important molecules when it comes to a muscle building workout. How are you going to build muscle if you don’t have the energy to do so? Did you know?

If you don’t eat carbohydrates, your body will start converting its stored protein(your muscles) into glucose; to be used as fuel. I’m sure you don’t want to promote muscle deterioration while on your muscle building diet, so eat your carbs.

The right Carbs

The trick is to eat the right carbohydrates. Simple sugars are much easier for the body to digest, and come with a lot less energy. Simple sugars are often included in items like fruit.

Some starches are okay, make sure your source of starch is whole grain. This will help promote the feeling of fullness, which will keep you focused on your workout. Whole grain pastas and breads also have a lot more fiber. This is very important in digestion.


Your body can use lipids for energy; just like it can carbohydrates and proteins. Remember that they’re healthy fats, which can help you gain the muscle you need. Some of us are very confused when it comes to fats. We think that all of them make us fat. This simply isn’t true.

Only unsaturated fats, that come from meats, and trans fats, that come from labs, have the ability to make people overweight easily. Your body needs essential fatty acids to help produce muscle and other components of your body.

Remember that essential fatty acids have to be obtained from the food you eat. A great way to get fatty acids, while also getting a bit of protein, is to eat nuts. Nuts are a high calorie snack that’s sure to keep you going through your workout.

Working Out On The Go

The right muscle building diet isn’t just about diet. It also has much to do with how, and how long you’re working out. Many of us can’t find time to drop by the gym; or just don’t want to pay the stupid fee. This doesn’t mean you can’t get buff.

Loads of people have gotten buff without having access to a gym. Get creative about ways to challenge your body. Try helping a friend move, do yard work. Not a lot of free time? Workout at your desk with a dumbbell.

This will help you get through some of the more tedious tasks; while helping you build muscle. Taking the stairs is a great way to combine a strength workout with a cardio one.

Staying Dedicated

Make a food diary. That’s the best way to keep yourself in check. It’s easier to make sure you’re getting the appropriate amount of protein for a muscle building diet when you are aware of what you’ve eaten earlier.

You don’t have to write down everything you eat, every day. Just do it a few times a week to make sure you know where you stand on the nutrition you’re getting.

Reward yourself. When you get to a new level of fitness, buy yourself some new clothes. Take yourself to the movies. Keep doing little things that are going to give you  insight  to take better care of yourself.

Once you do this, I know you’ll keep up with the good habits. You better start now; it’ll take a long time for you to reach your goal. Rome wasn’t built in a day!

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