how to get a big chest

How to get a big chest depends crucially on your genetics and body type.The chest or pecs as they are commonly known are one of the most coveted muscles. The bench press is the most popular exercise in the gym because most guys want a wide, well-defined chest.It’s a “t-shirt” muscle just like the biceps and forearms. When you wear a t-shirt, if your chest and arms are well-developed, the shirt is going to hug you and your body will turn heads, especially women’s heads.

It’s what most guys who go to the gym want.However, the pectoral muscles are not that easy to sculpt. Many men make several mistakes that hamper their progress and despite their best efforts, the chest never seems to get bigger.

This article will give you a few tips to improve your chest workout and get you the results you desire. Say goodbye to man boobs and embrace the manly physique that you’re striving for.

1Heavy Bench Press

The first point to note is that you should bench press heavy. It may be argued that you need high volume workouts, and you should not train your muscle to failure too often. While these arguments do have valid points, you absolutely MUST throw in a chest workout where you bench press heavy weights.

Aim for 6 to 7 reps and work till failure. Make sure you have a spotter. This type of workout will shock your muscles and force them to grow to cope with the demands you are placing on them.

How to get a Big Chest

2.Add Variety

There must be variety in your chest workout. If you do the same chest workout day in and day out, after some time your gains are going to taper off and results will plateau. You will not see any growth or gains.Use medicine balls and do push-ups till failure. Maybe throw in a TRX workout that focuses on the chest. Use a cambered bar when doing a bench press.Another forgotten exercise that works wonders is the reverse grip bench press. It has been shown to activate more fibers in the chest muscles. Add this exercise to your workout.

Mix up your workout. On some days, you should train to failure. On other days, you may do a workout with lighter weights but high volume. Variety is crucial to keep your body guessing and coping.


3.Explosive Movements

Another tip is to use explosive movements. When raising the bar, be explosive about it. Most weight training uses slow, controlled movements. Because of this, the upper body often does not develop explosive strength. Be forceful when you push the bar or dumbbells up. The lowering portion of the exercise should be slow and controlled.

4.Target Lat Muscles

You must also target the lats to give the illusion of a bigger chest. Incorporate pullovers and cable work in your training regimen. Your rib cage will look bigger from the bigger lats and overall, your chest will look bigger.

5.Watch your Diet

Another tip would be to monitor your diet. You absolutely must be at a caloric surplus to gain muscle. If you are working out like crazy and seeing no results, you might not be getting enough calories. Track your macro and micro nutrients.

Ultimately, you need to find out what works for you. The workout you see on YouTube or the magazine may work for the person telling you about it but may not really help you. Try out all the different chest exercises and experiment. Track your progress and see what works in your favor and keep doing it. That’s how you build a muscular chest.


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