8 Benefits of TRX Suspension Training: Why More People Are Turning To It

The benefits of TRX Suspension Training are becoming increasingly popular in gyms across the country. But why? It is touted as an effective fat burner, strength builder, and cardiovascular support. Yet it is very easy to do. All you need to do is use your own body weight.

What Is TRX Suspension Training?

Total body resistance exercise (TRX) is a new way of doing your workouts using gravity and body weight as resistance to build joint flexibility, strength, core, flexibility, coordination, and balance.
Because of its growing importance, TRX suspension training is now attracting the attention of researchers.

In a study involving 16 healthy individuals aged between 21 and 71 years, the American Council on Exercise sought to find out the benefits of TRX suspension training in the long-term. The subjects were taken through a 60-minute TRX session for three days in a week for a period of eight weeks. The results based on health and physical fitness markers were astonishing.

Apart from being able to burn more than 400 calories after every session, the people had a significant decrease in the waist circumference, blood pressure at rest, and body fat ratio. That is in addition to remarkable improvement in muscle strength.

They could do their push-ups, curl-ups, bench presses, and leg presses much more easily. In essence, suspension training is great when it comes to preventing cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of TRX Suspension Training

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If you are looking for a simple exercise to reach your desired fitness goals, try TRX suspension training. It can help you lose weight, tone your muscles, and keep fit without much of a hassle. The following are the benefits of TRX suspension training.

1.Fast and Effective Full-Body Workout

TRX is effective when it comes to weight loss, muscle strength, flexibility, and endurance. It is, therefore, possible for you to achieve your fitness goals using suspension training. All you have to do is use your weight when performing hundreds of different exercises for full-body training.

But that is not all. You also get to work out your core. The fact that you need just one tool ensures the time it takes to change from one exercise to another is very short. That means fast results.

2.Building a Very Strong Core

One of the benefits of TRX suspension training is that it gives you a rock-solid core in no time. Apart from the visible six-pack, you will be able to look, feel, and move better. After all, TRX training involves remaining stable on your back, oblique, and abs to be able to use your weight for resistance training. With these functional movements, it is very easy for you to be fitter at the core.

3.Can Be Used By Amateurs and the Pros

benefits of TRX

With TRX strength training, you are the driver of your own workout. You can easily adjust the position of your body to increase or cut the resistance. This type of exercise is, therefore, suitable for people at all levels of fitness. That includes individuals with an injury. TRX training has a very low impact and is unlikely to aggravate an existing injury.

4. It Can Be Done Anywhere

Most of the people who do TRX training go to the gym. But that doesn’t mean you cannot do it at home. Once you buy the equipment, you can hang it on a wall, door, or ceiling. Only a small corner of your house if enough for you to exercise. It gets even better. After acquiring the equipment, you can carry it with you everywhere you go.

5.Includes a Variety of Exercises

Did you know that you can perform up to 300 exercises in a single TRX workout? Since you are relying on your body weight, you won’t need additional equipment. It is possible for the moves to be adjusted to create totally new ones.

The TRX Suspension Trainer comes with a 1-year free subscription to the photos and videos on the TRX App. You will get to see a demonstration of several types of exercises as a way of learning what to do.

6.Instant Change in the Load

benefits of TRX Suspension Training:Instant Change in the Load

To effectively change traditional weights, you have to pause, remove or add a weight, and continue working out. You don’t have to go through all that hassle with TRX training. To change the load, all you have to do is adjust your angle by moving your feet closer or further from the anchor. That way, you can make it easier or harder almost at will.

7.Changing Your Point Of Stability

Depending on the sport you play, you are bound to have totally different points of instability. While for others the instability is top-down, it is the other way around for others. You can change this by using either your hands or feet on the TRX handles.

With your hands on the handles, the instability you are creating is top-down using your torso, arms, and shoulders. When you have your feet suspended on the weights, the stability you create will be ground-up which means you must use your core, glutes, and quads.

8. It Is Different

The gym can be very monotonous and tedious especially when it comes to doing repetitive exercises. You might find yourself struggling to keep your motivation levels heightened. Enter TRX suspension training and you have a way of providing variety to your normal training routines.

You will never have a reason to skip your gym sessions again. If anything, TRX adds oomph and fun to an otherwise boring outing to the gym.


What are your workout goals? Are you looking to lose weight or build your muscle strength? One of the benefits of TRX suspension training is that it can be used to achieve all kinds of fitness goals. Buy the TRX suspension trainer and use your weight as the workout resistance.

The good thing is that you can do TRX exercises in the gym, at home or just about anywhere. Why don’t you adopt this revolutionary training regime today? You will be glad you did!


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