Bone Broth Nutrition Facts: Why You Should Make It Part of Your Diet

Did you know that bone broth is much more than just soup? This traditional dish is making a comeback thanks to its recognizable nutritional value. According to the emerging bone broth nutritional facts, what you are dealing with is both a mineral-rich and nourishing food that is beneficial for your health.

Have you ever asked yourself why people take chicken soup when they have a cold? It is because of its many nutritional benefits. All forms of traditional diets across the world feature bone broth of some kind, whether it is lamb, fish, chicken or beef. Today, a number of great cuisines are adopting bone growth as a great addition to nutritious food.

Traditionally, the bone broth was made from the ligaments, tendons, feet, skin, marrow, bones, and all the parts they couldn’t eat directly. They put the various parts in the pot, boiled them, and left simmering over several days. In the end, the ligaments and bones released several beneficial compounds including glutamine, glycine, proline, and collagen which have a lot of health benefits.

The Truth behind Bone Broth Nutrition Facts

It has been established that the minerals contained in bone broth are much easier for the body to absorb. Examples of these minerals include sulfur, silicon, phosphorus, magnesium, calcium, and more. From the bones, you will get the compounds such as glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate which are contained in some of the most costly supplements.

The University of Nebraska Medical Center conducted a study to find out the contents of soup that made it a great remedy for the flu and cold. The researchers found that chicken stock contains amino acids which help fight respiratory inflammation even as it improves digestion. Bone broth has also been found to be a good boost to the immune system.

Homemade Bone Broth

It may look real, but the broth sold in the shops is not as good as the homemade alternative. To manufacture the broth, companies are using lab-grown meat flavor in sauce mixes, soup, and bouillon cubes.

Some manufacturers use monosodium glutamate under the pretext that it is a meat flavor. Glutamate is an all-purpose food additive commonly used as a flavor enhancer which affects the brain as a neurotransmitter. Some reports suggest that MSG may cause elevated levels of glutamate in the brain and hyperstimulation of nerve cells.

The best bone broth is homemade. Use real grass-fed bones from an online nutritional store or the farmers’ market. You will be able to get trace minerals, gelatin, collagen, and amino acids in bone broth and not in the other common foods. That is why bone broth has been found to be a nutritional wonder.

Bone Broth Nutrition Facts and Benefits

Regular drinking of bone broth is effective in promoting the health of your gut by reducing inflammation and permeability. The following are some of the health benefits of bone broth:

Protecting Joints

Bone broth is a great source of natural collagen, a protein common with vertebrates. It is found in the bone marrow, tendons, ligaments, cartilage, skin, and the bones. Human joint cartilage experiences age-related wear and tear which reduces an individual’s flexibility. The effects of antibodies are also to blame for the diminishing cartilage.

Bone broth contains readily absorbable collagen, which restores the lost cartilage. It also has gelatin, which cushions the bones against hurting due to friction. Gelatin also plays a very important role in bone formation and maintenance which takes the pressure off of aging joints. If you want to maintain the health and density of your bones, bone broth is all you need. You don’t need any form of collagen supplement.

Maintaining a Healthy Gut

Bone Broth Nutrition Facts and Benefits
Gut bacteria, gut flora, microbiome. Bacteria inside the small intestine

Apart from helping maintain bone health, gelatin is effective in making the gut lining stronger. It also fights food sensitivities and promotes probiotic growth in the alimentary canal. Gelatin is an anti-inflammatory which keeps your gut protected from inflammation. No doubt the gelatin in bone broth is very effective when it comes to supporting intestinal integrity and health.

When it comes to digestion, bone broth is soothing to the alimentary canal compared to other foods which are not easy to break down. Since it contains highly soluble ingredients, it is more useful to the body than other foods. Bone broth contains a number of amino acids, which are used to build the lining of the colon and the gastrointestinal tract in general.

Keeping the Skin Healthy

Collagen is key in the formation of elastin and other subcutaneous compounds that help maintain a youthful skin texture, tone, and appearance. Lack of collagen has been blamed for the appearance of wrinkles, decreased puffiness, and clear signs of aging. The collagen in bone broth is also known to help get rid of cellulite. After all, cellulite comes when your skin loses connecting tissues leading to losing tone.

Supporting the Function of the Immune System

The fact the bone broth supports the health of your gut also plays an important role in the body’s general immunity. A leaky gut which is characterized by the seeping of undigested particles through tiny openings in the intestines into the bloodstream is a condition you wouldn’t wish to have. The immune system often reacts to these intruders by becoming hyperactive. The result is inflammation, a cause of several dysfunctions and autoimmune-like response.

Bone broth is, therefore, effective when it comes to restoring gastrointestinal health and the immune system by extension. Any openings in your gut will be sealed by the arginine, glutamine, proline, gelatin, and collagen in bone broth. However, the bone broth has to be made traditionally to be an effective anti-inflammatory and immune booster.

Boosting Detoxification

It is becoming increasingly common for people to be exposed to chemicals, artificial ingredients, pesticides, and other toxins from the environment. When the amount of toxins entering the body increases, the natural detoxifying mechanism is likely to be compromised. What you need is bone broth.

It is effective when it comes to expelling waste through the gut and toxins through the liver. Bone broth also helps maintain the integrity of the tissues in your body. The glycine and potassium in the bone broth work to support liver and cellular detoxification. It also supplies your body with glutathione and sulfur which lower oxidative stress.

On the basis of these bone broth nutrition fact, it is clear why this should become a constant feature in your diet. Why don’t you start taking bone broth today?

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