Metabolic Resistance Training: Lose Weight and Gain Muscles In No Time

For some time now, metabolic resistance training (MRT)has been successfully used in the fitness industry. Compared to the other forms of exercise, MRT is a very effective fat burner. You can use it to improve your body composition and build muscles. In just 30 to 40 minutes per session, you will be able to burn a huge part of your body fat.

What Is Metabolic Resistance Training?

MRT refers to several combinations of efficient and intense muscular and cardiovascular training regimes. It aims at enhancing the metabolic processes that work in the body even when you are not in the gym. As a high-volume exercise regime, MRT helps you work the whole body or large muscle groups at best. That results in high-calorie burning and increases the body’s metabolic rate

In just 6 weeks, you may be able to increase your body’s ability to improve by more than 50 percent.MRT can help you reach multiple targets. Include it in your existing training scheme and you will be able to burn fat, build muscles, and gain strength all at once.

When doing MRT, it is necessary that you include massive compound movements involving many muscles. It can take the form of circuit training, combo sets, giant sets, and supersets. However, the most common form is circuit training. You only need to perform the circuit training correctly and you will reap a lot of benefits.

What Are The Basics Of Metabolic Resistance Training?

Basics Of Metabolic Resistance Training

As already established, MRT helps burn fat as well as enhance muscle growth. It increases your lactic threshold and thus enabling you to undergo much more muscle contractions. What that means is that your body is able to tolerate more intense workouts thus making your muscles bigger.

Here is how an MRT exercise regime is done:

Time Is Of the Essence

MRT works by ensuring a lot of exercises are done in the shortest time possible. It is best to have between 15 and 20 repetitions with little or no rest between the sets. Make sure you train at your maximum level or close to maximum level to get optimal results. You can only have maximum metabolic effect if you are making efforts to finish each of the sets of exercises within the shortest time possible.

Targeting More Muscles

You cannot talk about an MRT session if you aren’t targeting each and every one of the major muscles in your body. After all, every exercise has a metabolic cost which is measured in terms of the number of muscles involved. That is why every MRT session should include multi-joint exercises. The more the muscles involved, the more the energy you will be able to expend.

To work the torso and thigh muscles, try presses, rows, and squats. For the arms, single-joint movements for the calves and arms will suffice. You can do the exercises for three alternating days of the week so that you can recover adequately.

Speed of Movement

To reap the benefits of MRT, you need to perform the repetitions fast enough. Don’t fall for the hype about slow movements being effective at optimizing your body’s metabolism. If you are performing concentric lifts, you need to make it as explosive as possible without compromising your technique.

When lowering the weights, you can do it a little bit more slowly. It isn’t good to let the working muscles get pulled down by the force of gravity every time you lower your muscles. If you fail to lower the weights with some element of control, you will not be able to reap benefits from MRT routines.

What Are The Benefits Of Metabolic Resistance Training?

Metabolic Resistance Training

If you use MRT for a long time, you are bound to reap a number of benefits. They include but are not limited to the following:

Greater efficiency

MRT enables you to double the intensity and effectiveness of your workout in just a fraction of the time. For individuals with busy jobs or tight schedules, MRT is definitely the form of exercise they should adopt.

Increased results

It is not just enough to do a workout. In the end, it is the results that count. With MRT, it is possible to lose huge volumes of fat within a very short time. That also applies to the number of muscles you can build in a similar length of time. Using MRT, you can increase the volume and frequency at which you work out each of the major muscle groups. Multiple numbers of times per week are advisable.

Increased fat burning

By its nature, MRT involves highly intense workouts which burn a substantial number of calories. In fact, the fat burning continues more than 48 hours after the workout owing to the increased oxygen intake. The body gets into a state of recovery, which involves using more oxygen.

Improves synthesis of muscle protein

Benefits Of Metabolic Resistance Training
Endoplasmic reticulum and Golgi Apparatus. Protein synthesis and distribution detailed drawing

Once you get into MRT’s highly intense and voluminous workouts, your body begins to work on increased muscle growth. It, therefore, helps to stimulate the production of muscle protein. That is how each of the major muscle groups is able to grow.

Improving fitness without much cardio

MRT has the ability to improve your body’s metabolism even after leaving the gym. Apart from using a lot of energy, MRT puts your body in a state in which it uses increased amounts of oxygen. This form of exercise can help improve your cardiovascular fitness. That way, you will cut down on how much cardio you are doing.

Clearly, metabolic resistance training is the go-to exercise for individuals looking to burn fat and build more muscles. As long as you are willing to invest your time and effort, you will get the desired results.

However, you must ensure you are eating as many calories as you are burning for you to get considerable results when it comes to building muscles. Make sure you reduce the weight you are lifting given the intensity of MRT. In the end, you will be glad you tried it.

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