Aqua aerobics

Aqua aerobics (water aerobics) has evolved to become one of the most effective and safest ways of getting people into their dream shapes. Basically, it refers to the performance of aerobic exercises in fairly shallow water.

This can be in a swimming pool. These exercises are performed vertically without swimming. Ideally, the water level can be about waist deep or sometimes even deeper. It is some sort of resistance training. The participants are usually immersed in water.

Water aerobics lessons are normally easy on participant’s joints. However, they are challenging enough to set one to the next level of their fitness. Various types of water aerobics include water yoga, aqua Zumba, aqua jog and aqua aerobics.

In most cases, the instructor stands on the pool’s deck where he/she demonstrates different arm and leg exercises among other core exercises. The class, usually immersed in water, follows. Rhythmic music usually accompanies the exercises.

A work out lesson can last up to one hour. A warm-up session incorporating stretching and cardio exercises prepares the participant’s muscles for the increased activity before the actual exercise workout starts.

The end of these exercises is characterized by a cool-down. Here, the limbs among other body parts are stretched thus creating relaxation effect. Experts estimate that the body can burn between 500 and 700 calories by the end of the training season. To ensure maximum cardio workout, the participant is encouraged to push his/her body through the water and force through water resistance.

Most of these exercises do not need specialized equipment. However, in some cases noodles, water weights and benches may be required to maximize the benefits. Added weights increases resistance thus giving you more exercise. A workout plan may include different exercises like K-Tread, Jogging/Marching, Kicks, Leg Raises and Jumping Backs.

What are the benefits of aqua aerobics?

On top of usual benefits associated with aerobic exercises, water aerobics has added benefits. Practically, water buoyancy supports about 90% of your body. This makes these exercises possible for anybody regardless of their age, fitness level, health conditions and obesity.

If you are just beginning your exercise program, swimming pool practices are ideal options to set you off. These exercises condition your body’s major group of muscles as well as other body organs like your heart and the lungs.

Moreover, they offer a more gentle way of building your muscular endurance and cardio-respiratory. Just like any other types of aerobic exercises, aqua aerobics also has the following benefits

  1. · Can help you lose weight
  2. · Improves one’s cardiovascular fitness
  3. · Boosts your overall health
  4. · Prevention and control of some diseases
  5. · Helps in reducing stress
  6. · Have the ability to lower one’s blood sugar levels
  7. ·Can lower blood pressure

Aqua Aerobics Trends

Water aerobics gives participants cardio workout plans that are challenging to their muscles as well as increasing their endurance. This has made them the most obvious choice for persons suffering from orthopedic or arthritis complications. Trends in water aerobics range from dance-inspired classes to workouts designed for seniors and expectant mothers.

Aqua dancing workouts mostly incorporates Latin dances. The various underwater workout takes merengue, reggaeton and cha-cha moves in the swimming pool. Instructors usually encourage their students to cheer up and clap in order to create a “party-like” environment. On top of cardio conditioning, various trendy water aerobics classes include strengthening and stretching aspects. Aqua aerobics exercises are suitable for all.

Deep water aerobics workouts give impact-free cardio experience. With the aid of floatation belt, the participants are able to keep their head above water surface without having to touch the pool floor.

Arms and legs movement against water resistance burns calories while at the same time strengthening your muscles. This is the most utilized option by athletes to keep their bodies in shape.

Prenatal Aqua workouts give expectant women great opportunities to exercise and hence cope with their changing physical status.

An experienced instructor can help you change your exercises to suit your growing womb. Due to the increased load, pregnant women have higher chances of sustaining serious injuries on their back and hips from conventional methods of exercising.

It is due to this fact that aqua aerobics is very beneficial to them. Other people who find water aerobics very beneficial to them are the aged, obese and injured individuals. All this is attributed to reduced overall body weight as a result of water buoyancy.

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