7 Powerful Benefits of Beets in Red Smoothies

Many red smoothie recipes use beet as an ingredient. In fact, it is the pigmentation in the beets that give the smoothies the rich reddish appearance.As strange as it sounds, the use of this root in the kitchen does not have to be limited to liven up the salad, though it also fulfills its function perfectly in them, and can provide highly beneficial properties for our smoothies, plus a color even more desirable.

However, besides just giving the smoothie a nice color, there are many benefits from drinking beet juice.In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the benefits that will accrue to you if you drink red smoothies with beet juice on a regular basis.

You must be consistent with your smoothie consumption. This is the key to enjoying the health benefits of smoothies.There is one downside to beet though. It has a strong taste and many people feel that it tastes like dirt. Some people call it an ‘earthy’ taste… but whatever the case is, if you dislike the beet taste, make sure you peel the beet completely before juicing it.

This will help to cut down on the earthy taste. You can also use more berries and sweet apples in your smoothie to drown out the beet taste. The final remedy is to pinch your nose while you gulp down the smoothie.Beets are so beneficial that they’re worth this little bit of ‘torture.’ After a while, you’ll develop an acquired taste for beets and they won’t seem so bad after all. Now let’s look at why they’re so good.

Benefits Of Beets In Red Smoothies

benefits of red smoothies

1. Lowers Systolic blood pressure

This is one of the best benefits of beets. If you have blood pressure problems or know someone who does, a glass of beet juice daily will help to stabilize their blood pressure levels.

2. Helps to cleanse the liver and purify the blood

We live in a world full of pollutants and our food that contains traces of many compounds that are not good for us. Beets help to eradicate many of these compounds from our system.

3. Rich in folic acid

Pregnant women will benefit greatly by consuming beet juice which is naturally rich in folic acid. Even people who’re not pregnant will benefit because folic acid aids in healing.

4. Boosts your stamina

Studies have shown that those who consumed beet were able to exercise up to 15% longer and harder. If you’re on a weight loss program, you know how beneficial this is. The higher the intensity you train at, the more calories you’ll burn over time and you will lose fat much more rapidly.

5. Anti-cancer properties

Beet has powerful  antioxidant compounds  that will keep cancer at bay. This alone makes an excellent case for consuming beets often.

6. Prevents and reduces inflammation

beets in red smoothies

If your body aches and hurts for no reason at all, you’re probably suffering from inflammation. The compounds in beets will help prevent and reduce inflammation in your body. Even muscular aches and fatigue will diminish when you drink beet juice regularly.

7. Rich in vitamins and minerals

Beets are rich in  vitamin C, boron, magnesium, sodium, iron, phosphorous, calcium  and much more. These vitamins will boost your immune system, promote good mental health and fight depression.

Smoothies allow us to meet our nutrient needs when we do not have enough time to eat fruit and vegetables in their solid form. Although they should not be considered a substitute for food in its natural state, they are a convenient solution to take advantage of all its nutrients.

With these delicious natural smoothies, we will get the required daily amount of nutrients with antioxidant and alkalizing properties, the best way to take care of ourselves inside and out in an entirely natural way.
From these seven benefits, you should be able to see how powerful beets are and why you should include them in your red smoothies regularly. Let beets be your medicine.

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