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What is edamame?It’s nothing but green soybeans that are harvested at their tender stage when they have a very soft texture, and they taste sweeter than the fully grown soybeans.This legume has been consumed as far back as 1275 in Japan and China.

Soy-based foods seem to have gone out of fashion, but not edamame.Edamame is becoming  America’s favorite veggie especially for those who want to lose weight in a healthy way. And it really is a good choice.

Apart from being delicious, this ancient food is packed with a lot of nutrients. Edamame has much of the same nutritional value as other soy products such as tofu or soy milk.Edamame in very few cases is sold fresh but is available as a frozen product all year,it can be boiled, shelled and eaten as a snack or added to stir-fries, soups or salads.

Edamame is protein- rich and low in fat. A cup serving of cooked beans provides 17 grams of protein, an amount that supplies 30 percent of a man’s protein intake per day and approximately 37 percent for a woman.

Each cup also contains 8 grams of total fat and less than 1 gram of saturated fat.Edamame is also rich in fiber. Half a cup of edamame beans provides the same amount of fiber as four slices of whole wheat bread. And that half cup has only  120 calories!People who follow a strict diet plan can benefit from this wonderful legume.

How to Make Edamame

what is edamame and how can benefit you

The preparation of edamame is very simple. You just have to cook the whole pods in salted water and serve with some kind of sauce as an accompaniment, but also often once removed, seeds can be crushed to make a dipping sauce. Its flavor is buttery and sweet.

Health Benefits of Edamame

This protein-rich nutrient should not be missing in your kitchen arsenal. The debate on whether soybeans are beneficial for our health is still open. Even though all the studies that have been conducted about this incredible food have not reached the final verdict on its benefits there is no doubt about the rich nutrient content in soy foods.

This Super Bean, well recognized for the great benefits it represents for health, has shown in the latest research that Asian countries have lower rates of heart disease and cancer.

Cardiovascular Benefits

The American Heart Association announced that high-fiber foods could reduce the risk of heart disease. Edamame contains a high content of  alpha-linolenic acid , or AHA, an  omega-3 fatty acid  which is converted in the body into EPA and DHA that are proven to lower blood cholesterol thus reducing the risk of stroke and heart disease.In 2005, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study where people on a high-protein, low-fat diet were less likely to be hungry between meals and reported weight loss more quickly.

Stronger bones

One cup of cooked edamame provides more than half of the required daily amount of manganese. This mineral is vital for strong bones. That cup of edamame also provides 20 percent of the amount of  vitamin K  we need daily.

Vitamin K is essential to increase bone density. Moreover, these beans provide potassium and magnesium, two nutrients required to reduce the risk of osteoporosis along with calcium.

Evidence suggests that isoflavones in Edamame can reduce bone loss in postmenopausal women as well as symptoms of menopause.

Immune System

It supports the proper functioning of the immune system.Edamame contains a huge amount of copper. This mineral is necessary for the immune system to function well and remain in optimal health. One cup of cooked edamame provides 60 percent of the copper women need daily.



what is edamame/

 Avoiding Depression

It turns out that according to one study, edamame can also help prevent depression, due to its high folic acid content. According to that study, folates in edamame helps blood and other nutrients reaching the brain by preventing excess  homocysteine  in the body, so that they can produce good hormones that regulate mood, appetite and sleep.

In conclusion, edamame can be an excellent alternative for those who do not consume animal proteins or those who want to eat a little less and it’s worth incorporating into our diet.

Reference:http://www.livestrong.com/article/409591-the-health-benefits-of-edamame/ (accessed November 17, 2016).

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