The Top 5 Healthy Ice Cream Brands For A Tasty Dessert At Home

Healthy snacks and desserts such as healthy cookies, healthy cakes, healthy pies, and healthy ice cream brands are a great idea. Staying in shape and eating cookies, cakes, pies, and ice cream desserts use to be an oxymoron.

There was once a time where nutritionists would tell you, if you want to have a healthy diet, to leave these items off of your grocery list, but today things have changed.

There are a lot of food companies that realize that there is a big market for healthy desserts, and they have begun to make available, all of your favorite tasty snacks without all of the unwanted additives and chemicals that do nothing but pose a threat to your overall health.

Today we’re going to go over some healthy ice cream brands so that you can see that staying in shape and eating healthy, doesn’t mean you have to give up these delicious, milky, frozen, treats.

Healthy Ice Cream Brands

There are quite a few healthy ice cream brands on the market today, but there are some, whose names keep popping up over and over again, upon research; Halo Top, Nadamoo, Enlightened, Arctic Zero, and So Delicious.

Each of these healthy ice cream brands is low in calories and most of them do not contain “any” processed sugar. Let’s have a more in-depth look at each one of these brands, to see how beneficial they truly are.

1.Halo Top

Healthy Ice Cream Brands:Halo Top

Look inside the freezer, in the health food section, at your local supermarket, and you will likely see “Halo Top Ice Cream.” It has quickly become the leading, go to, ice cream snack, for all of those healthy people that crave ice cream, but also want to watch their weight.

It has been featured on CBS and ABC. Halo Top ice cream is offered in 3 different ways; Dairy ice cream pints, Dairy-Free ice cream pints, and ice cream Pops.

Their Dairy ice cream pints has 21 different flavors (Ranging from “Key Lime Pie,” to Oatmeal Cookie,Peanut Butter and Jelly, Strawberry, just to name a few).

Their Dairy-Free ice cream pints offer 16 different flavors (Ranging from “Toasted Coconut,” to Mint Fudge Cookie, to Birthday Cake, to Sea Salt Caramel,among others ).

Their ice cream Pops come in 4 different flavors (Ranging from “Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough,” to Mint Chip,Peanut Butter Swirl and Strawberry Cheesecake).

The Hunger Diaries TV says they like Halo Top ice cream, but that it is just alright, although dietitian’s such as Tracy Lockwood Beckerham, out of New York City, says that it has an above-average taste.

Besides its Dairy-Free choices, Halo Top does contain milk and eggs, and it has a good amount of fiber and protein, which are both very beneficial to everyone’s diet.

Many health food lovers, consider Halo Top, to be their number 1 go-to healthy brand of ice cream. And according to the Today Show, Halo Top is now ranked number 1, as the best selling ice cream brand in America.

Fo sweetness, it contains “Erythritol.” Erythritol is a food additive, that is a sugar alcohol. It provides a healthy sweet taste, without the harm of processed sugar. And Halo Top calories fall in the range of 280 – 370 “per pint.” So this makes it very easy to see why many healthy food lovers have it as their top healthy ice cream choice.

This healthy dessert superstar continues to gain popularity, by recently announcing that it is making its well-known ice cream brand, available in Australia, as reported by Body and Soul.

This expansion is sure to give the great people of Australia all of the benefits, of this popular ice cream, that has been enjoyed by the amazing people of America, since 2012.

For the upcoming Thanksgiving season, Halo Top is planning to release a variety of “Pumpkin flavored” ice cream, as reported by Elite Daily. These pumpkin flavored ice creams will still feature all of the health benefits that the Halo Top brand are known for.


Nadamoo is a healthy ice cream brand that is known for using organic coconut milk as its primary source of milk, for its different ice cream flavors.

But although it does use organic coconut milk, many lovers of the brand say that the natural coconut flavor, from the organic coconut milk, does not dominate the flavor, and is some of their flavors, they say it is not even noticeable.

Nadamoo is a dairy-free, gluten-free, ice cream brand. None of its ingredients come from animals. And although it does not contain any products from animals, it still maintains that it is one hundred percent soy-free

This popular brand of ice cream has 18 different flavors to choose from. Besides its common flavors, such as Vanilla, Cookies and Cream, and Rock Road, it has flavors that seem a bit exotic in nature, while maintaining the known high quality of the Nadamoo brand.

These ice cream flavors, are flavors such as Himalayan Salted Caramel, That Snickerdoodle Dough, Peach Cobbler, and Pistachio Nut.

The Vegetarians of Washington, consider Nadamoo ice cream brand to be one of their top brand choices for healthy desserts. Food Navigator-USA calls Nadamoo ice cream an “innovator” in the healthy desserts market.

Nadamoo is a family-owned company, and its ice cream can be purchased from the health food section at your local supermarket, as well as online.

For sweetness, Nadamoo ice cream uses “organic tapioca syrup.” This allows the ice cream to have a naturally sweet taste, without the harm of processed sugar.

Nadamoo is high in fiber, and it does not contain any cholesterol, which are both HUGE advantages for all of those individuals trying to stay healthy.

Healthy ice cream brands are more expensive than regular ice cream brands on average, but Nadamoo’s price is on the lower end of the spectrum for healthy ice creams.


Healthy Ice Cream Brands:Enlightened

This healthy ice cream brand is most well known for its different uncommon” flavors of ice cream. Enlightened offers ice cream lovers the option of having their ice cream in bars or pints.

For their pints, it has 16 different flavors to choose from, and for its ice cream bars, it offers 11 different flavors to choose from. Some of its “uncommon” flavors that it offers to health food lovers are its “Movie Night” flavor (which is said to have a buttery popcorn taste, while also having a naturally sweet ice cream taste – It is an unusual flavor for ice cream but many people rave about the quality of this flavor’s taste), its Blackberry Chocolate Chip flavor, and its White Chocolate Rasberry flavor.

Enlightened ice cream brand is also known to be a healthy dessert that is high in protein and fiber. With these two very important nutrients, it still manages to be very low in fat and sugar. Like Halo Top brand, for its sweetness, it uses Erythritol, but it also contains “Monk Fruit,” to give a naturally sweet taste. It is important to note that Enlightened ice cream does not use any added artificial sweeteners.

For all of those individuals with no health food store (or supermarkets with health food sections) near them, no need to worry – Enlightened offers the options of purchasing their ice creams in physical stores, as well as online.

Enlightened is a keto-friendly ice cream company that is family owned and operated. Its ice cream is available in “Dairy-Free” vegan options, for both its ice cream bars and pints. Women’s Health magazine praised Enlightened for its low-calorie ice cream. Yahoo Lifestyle list Enlightened as one of the top healthy ice cream brands in America.

4.Arctic Zero

Healthy Ice Cream Brands:Arctic Zero

This healthy ice cream brand is one of the more easily accessible brands of healthy ice cream. It is available at Walmart stores all across America, as well as online.

One of the main standouts of Arctic Zero ice cream is that its pints only have between 160 and 320 calories “per pint” – Depending on which flavor you choose to go with (Which means you can eat a whole pint in one sitting, and not feel guilty afterward).

It is gluten-free, as well as fat-free. It has a very high source of concentrated protein, with 14 grams of whey protein in it.

Arctic Zero makes its ice cream available in four distinct categories; Non-Dairy ice cream pints, Non-Dairy ice cream bars, Lactose-Free pints, and Light ice cream.

Besides the size of the ice cream, the main difference between their ice cream pints and their ice cream bars is that their ice cream bars have only 90 calories per bar.

Their Non-Dairy ice cream pints come in 9 different flavors (Ranging from such flavors as “Cookie Shake,” to Cake Batter, to Brownie Blast, just to name a few).

Their Non-Dairy ice cream bars come in a variety of 4 different flavors (Ranging from flavors such as “Salted Caramel,” to Vanilla, to Cake Batter, to Peanut Butter and Vanilla).

Their Lactose-Free pints are offered in 12 different flavors (Ranging from “Rocky Road Trip,” to Peanut Butter Swirl, to Vanilla Maple, to Purely Chocolate, just to name a few).

And their Light ice cream comes in 7 different flavors (Ranging from “Toffee Crunch,” to Vanilla Bean, to Chocolate Chunk, to Cookies and Cream, just to name a few).

This healthy ice cream does not contain any artificial sweeteners and contains natural sweeteners, such as monk fruit, and organic cane sugar.

Its protein is derived from “Faba Beans.” Arctic Zero healthy ice cream is 100 percent vegan ice cream and does not contain any animal products.

Healthline praises Arctic Zero ice cream brand for being free of any sugar alcohols. Mic Magazine praises Arctic Zero for being one of the lowest-calorie healthy ice cream brands on the market today.

Scoop Junction raves about Arctic Zero’s multi-billion-dollar financial gain since 2017. And with Arctic Zero being offered at Walmart stores all across the United States, sales of this healthy, popular, ice cream brand, are expected to continue to boom.

5.So Delicious

Healthy Ice Cream Brands:So Delicious

This healthy brand of ice cream is widely known for being dairy-free, and organic. It does not contain any animal products and has recently made its healthy ice cream available in oat milk, along with the almond milk, cashew milk, coconut milk, and soy milk, which it is known for. So Delicious ice cream is non-GMO, which only adds to its health benefits.

So Delicious offers its healthy ice cream in a variety of forms. Their almond milk ice cream comes in 3 different varieties; Ice cream pints, ice cream bars, and ice cream sandwiches.

There are 3 flavors of their almond milk ice cream pints that are offered (Ranging from “Cookies and Cream,” to Vanilla, to Mocha Almond Fudge).

There is 1 flavor that is offered for their almond milk ice cream bars (Mocha Almond Fudge Bars). And there is 1 flavor that is offered for their almond milk ice cream sandwiches (Vanilla sandwiches).

For their cashew milk ice cream products, they offer 2 different ice cream products; Ice cream pints, and ice cream bars.

There are 8 different flavors of cashew milk ice cream pints which So Delicious offers (Ranging from “Dark Chocolate Truffle,” to Very Vanilla, to Peachy Maple Pecan, to Banana Foster, just to name a few).

For their cashew milk ice cream bars, they have 2 flavors available (“Dipped Salted Caramel,” and Dipped Double Chocolate Delight).

For their coconut milk ice cream products, So Delicious offers; Ice cream pints, ice cream bars, and ice cream sandwiches. For their coconut milk ice cream pints, they have 15 different flavors available (Ranging from “Toasted Coconut Key Lime,” to Cold Brew Coffee, to Blueberry Cardamom, to Oh-So Strawberry, just to name a few).

They offer 5 different flavors of coconut milk ice cream bars (Ranging from “Fudge Bars,” to Dipped Coconut Almond, to Dipped Vanilla Bean, just to name a few). For their coconut ice cream sandwiches, So Delicious has available, 2 flavors (“Vanilla Bean Sandwiches,” and Coconut Sandwiches).

Their soymilk ice cream product comes in 1 option – Soymilk Ice cream pints. These ice cream pints come in 2 flavors (Creamy Vanilla and Chocolate Velvet).

Now for their oat milk ice cream product, So Delicious has 1 option for this type of milked ice cream as well – Oat milk ice cream pints. These ice cream pints come in 3 flavors (Ranging from “Peanut Butter and Rasberry,” to Oatmeal Cookie, to Caramel Apple Crumble).

For Sweetener, like Halo Top, it uses Erythritol, and like Arctic Zero, Monk Fruit. So Delicious does not contain any processed sugar, and lovers of the ice cream praise it for only have 1 gram of sugar per serving. This ice cream is a healthy person’s dream.

As one of the most well known and loved healthy ice cream brands, So Delicious is available for purchase at Walmart, Target, and as well as Amazon.

This is one of the highest-rated ice creams out of all the healthy ice cream brands. Yahoo Lifestyle raves that So Delicious ice cream brings joy to ice cream lovers everywhere.


Halo Top, Nadamoo, Arctic Zero, Enlightened, and So Delicious are all amazing healthy ice cream brands. What separates them from their competition, is the quality of their ingredients, their delicious taste, their high reviews, and recognition, and their availability.

If you have a craving for tasty ice cream, and you’re searching for healthy ice cream brands, you won’t go wrong with any these.

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