7 Common Mistakes That Cause A Weight Regain

Anybody that has tried to lose weight will know just how difficult the journey can be. Many people who do embark on a weight loss quest actually see some results. However, the weight usually comes back and when that happens, it can be highly discouraging and they quit.

Even people who have successfully lost a lot of weight and transformed their bodies have gone back to being their old, overweight selves. So why does this happen? Why do almost 90% of people who have lost weight see a weight regain after a year or so?

There are a few reasons for this.

While losing weight is difficult, keeping it off is much easier but only if you do not make the common mistakes that many people make. You should be aware that the more often you let your weight swing back and forth, the more inefficient your metabolism becomes and it gets much harder to lose the fat. So, lose the fat once and keep it off.

Mistakes People Make That Cause Weight Regain

1 – Going back on a caloric surplus

weight regain

This is the most common mistake of the lot. Once you reach your ideal weight, you will need to consume your calories at maintenance level. There is no need to be at a caloric deficit anymore but you should not be at a surplus either.

You can find out the number of calories you should aim for at this link: http://www.freedieting.com/tools/calorie_calculator.htm

Always remember that the moment you consume more calories than you expend, the excess energy will be stored as fat. Losing weight doesn’t give you the license to eat whatever you want. You have to be ever vigilant over your diet and roughly know your caloric intake.

2 – You chose the wrong diet

There are many diets such as the Atkins Diet, Lemonade Diet and other fad diets that are effective but highly unsustainable. You can go on very low carbs for a certain period. Will you lose weight? Definitely. But what happens when you come off the diet and go back to normal eating?

The weight returns with a vengeance. The diet is only good for that short duration. It will not work in the long run… which leads us to the next mistake.

3 – Not inculcating the right habits


You absolutely must make it a habit of eating clean and exercise regularly. Only when your lifestyle involves healthy eating and activity can you hope to keep the weight off with ease. Many people struggle to meet their weight loss goals and once they achieve their desired body, they stop doing what got them there in the first place.

They stop eating right and exercise is the last thing on their mind. Once that happens, you can bet the weight will return. Diets do not last. Healthy eating does. Intense workout programs for 90 days do not last. An active lifestyle with regular exercise does.

4 – Swinging between extremes

It is very common to see people aim for perfection. The moment they slip up and give in to a temptation, they beat themselves up and toss the entire diet. It shouldn’t be this way. If you have been successfully watching what you eat and suddenly give in to a craving and eat 3 donuts, don’t sweat it. It happens.

Don’t automatically assume the entire diet is a failure and you don’t have what it takes. There will always be setbacks. These are just setups for comebacks. Acknowledge your mistake and stay on track while trying to be more focused and disciplined. Success is not linear. If you give up because of one small mistake, all the weight that you have lost up till that point will return. That will be time and effort wasted.

5 – Expecting overnight results

Weight loss takes time. You must accept this fact. Do not fret that the results are taking too long to come. If you have not reached your desired body weight in a month but you have lost some weight, you have been successful.

You just need to keep going. Depending on how much excess weight you carry, there will be a certain duration that you will need to go through. You can’t lose 25 pounds in a month. If all you can lose is 5 pounds a month, then it’s fine to wait 5 months.

There is no rush. If you quit because you do not see results fast enough, you will negate all your efforts and will see a weight relapse.

6 – Using food as a reward or stress relief

How to avoid weight regain

There is a saying in the fitness industry that goes, “Do not reward yourself with food. You’re not a dog.” It’s common for people to eat when they’re happy and eat even more when they are sad.

Don’t use food as a stress management tool. If you’re feeling down, do something fun or speak to a counselor. Binging on junk food will neither make you feel better nor solve the problem. Any happiness you feel will be very short term before disgust and depression sets in. It’s a vicious cycle will many negative health implications.

7 – Never being satisfied

There are always people who are never satisfied with their results. They can never be happy with their achievements. There is no time to smell the roses because they’re wondering why the roses aren’t big enough. As long as you are losing weight, you must be satisfied with your efforts and keep going.

Look at before and after photos of yourself. See how far you’ve come. Be happy in your own skin. You have achieved your goals. Do not obsess over fitness models in magazines or celebrities on the big screen. If you’re constantly looking at what you’re lacking, you will get demotivated and give up. Once that happens, it’s time to roll out the red mat. Your weight is going to make a grand return.

Take note of these 7 mistakes and avoid them. Once you have reached your desired weight, you’re over the hump. All you need to do is just be a little careful and not go back to your old, unhealthy ways. Eat right, keep active and be happy. That’s all you need to do.

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