Lose Weight 2 Months Before Your Wedding

The wedding dress, the rings, the cake and… the dietitian? For many soon-to-be-married couples, looking great for their wedding day is almost as important as exchanging wedding vows! Those who want to lose weight two months before the wedding will need to put in extra effort to make this happen!

The thing is, last-minute dieting can feel rushed, stressful and can sometimes backfire. In fact, many times, when you work to lose weight two months before the wedding, even with successful weight loss, the weight gain comes back right after the honeymoon. At the same time, getting hitched does not have to become a lifelong battle with the bulge.

Believe it or not, if you only have two months before the big day, losing weight or cramming workout sessions at the gym seems stressful, but with enough determination, it is still doable.

Fierce determination and strict discipline in terms of your food choices and the amount of time you spend working out will determine whether or not you will be able to accomplish your fitness goals for the big day, in two months. Of course, more time is recommended. But then again you can take a different perspective and say that at least you have two months, not two weeks.

Just as marriage involves a major change in lifestyle, so is successfully losing weight. Naturally, wedding couples around the globe want to look stunning on the big day, and doing it correctly can be the factor that produces either the failure or successful weight control ever after.

Weeks before the wedding, many brides resort to last-minute quick weight loss schemes only to gain everything back the moment that ring is on the finger.

Quick weight loss that involves pills, fad diets, laxatives or diet shakes with minimal calories may not only cause danger to your health, but it can also set you up for a yo-yo dieting future instead of a lifestyle that keeps off the weight.

Watch What You Eat

Lose Weight 2 Months Before Your Wedding:Watch What You Eat

Wedding planning is a massive undertaking that the future grooms and brides need to accomplish. If they are eating wrongly, the result could be lightheartedness, palpitations, or other undesirable consequences of health.

It is already a stressful time as it is. Adding another layer of stress at the last minute in your attempts to lose weight two months before the wedding is considered stressful and can make everything feel more hectic.

A better alternative would be to get a personal trainer months ahead of time, exercise, join a health club and see a registered dietitian or nutritionist to set up a complete change in lifestyle, along with a well-balanced diet. Doing this could even symbolically coincide with your huge move to vow everlasting love with your other half.

These days, wedding dresses are more revealing and sleeker than in traditional times. This means that the top areas, the arms, back, and shoulders are usually exposed.

Starting a boot camp for the bride and groom about six months before the big day is a good idea. It will include a balance of strength training and cardiovascular training for up to four days a week, for an hour each time.

Don’t Procrastinate

Couples that procrastinate and have less than half a year to spend in the gym will need to double their scheduled time spent in the gym, such as going for two instead of one hour a day.

Obviously, when you have less time, the more you need to focus on getting a great work out. Also, working out does build lean muscle mass so after you begin a program at the gym, there might even be some gained weight. However, the muscle mass they gain is the kind of toned, muscular physique they will want to reveal in a skintight bustier gown.

The weight loss of about a pound each week is ideal. When your wedding isn’t going to happen in a few weeks, setting goals such as losing ten kilos before the wedding is a good idea. This will enable the couple to enjoy every little success and stay motivated.

A lot of couples see the day of their wedding as one of the most important days they will ever have and want to look great in the process. It is actually the reason why many women decide to finally include a program of fitness to lose weight two months before the wedding and embark on a new life and a new lifestyle at the same time.

Do’s And Don’ts

When you want to enjoy permanent weight loss and achieve this sensibly, there are a few things you can do. For one, don’t drink your calories. Instead, eat them.

Your time as an engaged couple will bring in tons of parties and get-togethers so wisely selecting what you drink, especially alcoholic drinks will add about a hundred calories per glass.

Keep this in control by drinking at most two glasses per week the most. Select dairy products and lower fat, lean meat to take up most of your meals. Eat less carbohydrates.

Incorporate vegetables and fruits will give you maximum nutrition and fill you up without piling on the weight. Identify your diet’s empty calories such as high-sugary snacks, high-fat desserts, or drinking soda after soda.

When you find something you are doing that seems excessive, get rid of it. Smaller portions in every meal will make a big difference, so begin with your next meal and eat a smaller portion than you normally would.

Teamwork Works!

Lose Weight 2 Months Before Your Wedding:Teamwork

Once soon-to-be-married couples set their minds to a fitness and weight loss plan and work as a team, success is usually the result. In fact, a lot of couples use this time to develop lifelong healthy habits for life. After all, it is generally during this stressful, panicked, crazy, and frantic time in life that many couples become motivated and focused.

If you need something as important as your wedding to begin a lifestyle filled with positive change, then go for it. Couples that workout before their big day look back on their great wedding day pictures to motivate them later in life and tell themselves that they can indeed reach goals with a little bit of effort.

Preventing Weight Loss In The Future

This makes a great start, particularly with so many married folks looking so heavy compared to single people. It almost seems as if couples gain weight at rapid rates compared to folks that have never been married.

Could the reason be that they eat most meals as a couple and get distracted from eating healthily due to their new, overly-busy lives? Marriage will most definitely influence your meals, what you eat, nutrients, calorie value, and food selection.

Since you both have each other to eat with at every meal, the days you had when you were single and forgot to eat lunch or skipped breakfast are gone forever. That is another reason to begin a great fitness and lifestyle plan as a couple before the wedding.

Stay Full And Energized With Protein-Rich Foods

Protein keeps you filled up for a longer period of time. When you feel full, it will be easy to keep off the snacks in the middle of each meal and feel fuller rather than if you deprived yourself and feel like you are starving or hungry all the time.

Plus, your energy remains stable throughout, which is important if you are going to plan the perfect wedding. In protein, amino acid helps in maintaining your skin glow. Fiber-rich vegetables will improve the way you digest food and keep everything running smoothly.

Eating turkey, chicken, and eggs as well as seafood that includes mussels, clams, shrimp, and salmon will work. Vegetarians can get protein from chickpeas, lentils, and Greek yogurt.

If you want to get rid of bloating before your wedding day, veggies are the way to go. Believe it or not, veggies get rid of salt and have very little calories so you can add them to every meal.

Don’t Skip Meals

Lose Weight 2 Months Before Your Wedding:Don't skip meals

When you eat three complete meals each day, this will make sure you won’t end up snacking on less than healthy food later in the day. In fact, skipping meals is almost a guarantee that you are going to binge-eat later on.

This is a bad idea, so don’t skip meals to avoid stress and keep things consistent. Plus, when you skip meals, this can not only increase stress levels, you might end up cranky and irritable in the process.

Soon-to-be-brides and grooms already have more than enough stress on their plate, and it is a bad idea to add any more.

Throughout the day, stay hydrated by drinking water. Thirst can be confused by hunger, and this means extra food and extra calories that your body does not need and doesn’t really ask for.

No matter what your wedding day weight goal is, the important thing to remember is that how much you weigh should not be the basis for how happy you feel on your big day. What matters is that you are comfortable in yourself on your big day.

Stay Energized With Whole Grains

Whole grains contain Vitamin B, which help with focus and energy. Aim for two daily servings of whole grains. Some toast with a banana and nut butter will help push out sodium and contains potassium at the same time. You can create variety by using different vegetables for every meal.

Three Meals A Day Plus A Snack

You can have an egg-veggie scramble or an omelet made with spinach. For lunch, a salad topped with chicken or other lean protein such as salmon is both delicious and filling.

Snack on peppers and carrots with a bit of hummus. Roasted vegetables or stir-fried veggies with pieces of salmon for dinner will be very filling and very healthy at the same time.

Intermittent Fasting–Only For The Brave

Lose Weight 2 Months Before Your Wedding:Intermittent Fasting

Fasting is not for everyone. Earlier, we did say not to skip meals. At the same time, many couples who have experienced fasting may be up for the challenge. Fasting is not the same as skipping meals because you still eat all three meals.

The only thing is that you eat all three meals in a short span of time and rest from eating the rest of the day. Intermittent fasting is eating within a specified period of time during the day and letting your body rest for the rest of the day. It is not for the meek, to say the least.

However, the pounds shed off fairly quickly, and you do maintain energy from letting your body rest from all the eating. It isn’t for everyone but with just two months on your hands, you might want to give this one a go.

Go Low-Carb

Staying withing twenty grams of carbs will enable you to lose a lot of weight in a tiny amount of time. You will need a doctor’s supervision and permission, however. On the other hand, if you or someone you know has gone on a low-carb diet in the past, you know how effective this is in the way you lose weight in such a short period of time. Remember that low-carb is best done under professional supervision.


To lose weight two months before the wedding will take a lot of fierce focus and determination. When you are going to try and accomplish those fitness goals in as little as eight weeks, you will need to be stringent and fiercely determined.

Watch everything you eat, maximize your calories to pack in the most nutrition with the least amount of calories. Work out regularly and as many times a week as you can. Eat vegetables which wash out the salt in your body, so you don’t get bloated.

Stay hydrated. Remember that water has no calories. If you have heard of the benefits of intermittent fasting and are up for it, then go ahead. Those who have done low-carb in the past might want to get back on that wagon.

Just remember that all the wedding planning is a lot on one couple’s plate, so make sure you have the mental space for it. On the other hand, with focus and determination, you will be sure to lose weight two months before the wedding.

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